Policies & Procedures

All MPA and MAIR students should refer frequently to their class handbooks, available here as PDFs.  Students may also refer to the PAIA and Executive Student Blackboard Group at http://blackboard.syr.edu.

Also available online is the current year Academic Calendar and current and/or upcoming Course Listings.

Procedures and Forms

Current PAIA students should review the PAIA and Executive Student Blackboard Group, or the above-referenced handbooks for information on common procedures and forms.

Emails and Phone Numbers

Students seeking to contact faculty, staff, and fellow students should use the Syracuse University Directory.

Off-Campus Studies & Training (Domestic & International)

Any students doing practical training such as internships or other studies in a location other than Syracuse University's campus in Syracuse, New York, need to follow the Requirements for Off-Campus Studies Guide. Here is also a quick reference to forms needed for Global Programs