Registration Waitlist Spring 2018

Please select the course you are interested in by using the drop-down box below. The PAIA department will monitor and move students off the waitlist after pre-registration begins.  In the meantime, you will want to register for a back-up course selection.  In past years the department has been able to accommodate the majority of students on the waitlists, but you may not get pulled off the list until the first week of classes. Plan to attend the class that interests you during the first week even if you were not able to pre-register for it. Thanks in advance for your patience during this process!

Someone from the PAIA department will contact you to notify you if you are able to get into a wait-listed class. 

To get added to the waitlist, please select the class using the drop-down box below.  Complete all fields on this form before submitting.  Thanks for your patience!

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN AT 10:00 AM on November 8, 2017. All requests made before 10:00 am will be deleted.

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