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Atlantis Dual Degree Program Options

  • Shannon Rosenberg

    '12 MPA


    Rosenberg, who attended Maxwell as an Atlantis scholar, is a technical consultant to Population Services International, a global health organization with programs in 69 countries. She works for PSI’s Women’s Health Project on projects related to long-term contraception and post-abortion care. 

An elite program combining degrees at Maxwell and our partner schools in the European Union   

We offer two separate two-year programs allowing students to earn dual degrees focused on either international security or development policy. In their first year, students earn the MA IR or MPA from Maxwell and then travel to Europe to earn either

  • a master's of public policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, or
  • a master's of development studies from the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University in The Hague (agreement still pending). 

Students spend the first of their two-year period together, as a cohort, in Syracuse.  The connections made by students during their time in the program will seed an international network with value for the remainder of their careers.

Though students pay tuition at the two institutions they attend, each school is committed to considering students for stipends to help off set costs associated with travel and living abroad. For EU students, a tuition discount is provided by the Maxwell School to make SU tuition costs comparable to those they are paying at of our EU partner schools. Students are also encouraged to seek out outside funding.  

Students need only apply to one institution.  EU students should apply to the EU school of their choice; and US students apply to Syracuse University.  They must state their interest in the Atlantis Dual Degree program, outlining their proposed plan of study, schools and degrees of choice and rationale for participation in this program. Once admitted to the host institution, the application will be considered for this dual degree program internally and their information will be shared appropriately with the other relevant partner school.  Each partner school will work with the student to ensure cross admission and logistics for completing both degree programs.  At the end of the two years, the students will earn separate degrees from each school they attend.  

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