Certificates of Advanced Study

PAIA students have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Advanced Study in a variety of sub-fields. These certificates appear on graduate transcripts and attest to specialization in the specific sub-field. For a more detailed list of certificates offered by the Maxwell School, please visit Certificate Programs.

Security Studies

Students in this 12-credit certificate program will gain an understanding of the classic thinking on the relationship between terrorism and the protections of due process and rights assumed as basic tenets of citizenship; and will gain an appreciation of how changing conditions stimulate new thinking and approaches. These problems cannot be resolved through military means alone, but require interaction among states, non-governmental organizations, and societal groups to determine appropriate actions and policies. Information is available at the INSCT website.

Post-Conflict Reconstruction

The certificate provides students with a documented concentration and familiarization with the major aspects of PCR, the various dimensions and goals of post-conflict work, the types of actors who conduct it, the trade-offs and dilemmas they face, and the lessons learned from its application across a variety of settings.  Areas of specialization include building institutional capacity, building rule of law, assuring security and de-militarizing politics, reconciliation and peace building, building civil society, providing humanitarian relief and revitalizing post-conflict economies. Information is available at the INSCT website.

Leadership of International and Non-Government Organizations

The emergence of Non-Government Organizations as actors in the international domain has altered the dynamics of civil society's relationship with international organizations and national governments throughout the world. More often than not, NGOs are playing a critical role in identifying and framing the global problems that we face. At the same time, NGOs are playing critical roles providing plausible solutions to address them. This certificate prepares leaders for this changing environment. Information is available at the Executive Education website.

Environmental Decision Making

This certificate provides an exposure to specialized environmental study that is relevant to students' primary professional interests in these fields. Knowing that students will engage important environmental policy, program implementation, and decision-making processes in the course of their careers, the environmental orientation of this certificate program will help students better understand the complexities of environmental decision making. Information is available at the Executive Education website.

Conflict Resolution

This certificate is centered in Maxwell's Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC), an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge about social conflicts thought theory building, research, education, and practice. The certificate supplements the study of social conflicts with optional emphases in applied dispute resolution and conflict management, transnational conflicts, advocacy and social movements, and environmental public participation and conflict. Information is available at the PARCC website

Health Services Management and Policy

This certificate, focused on the health services system in the United States, is offered in association with SU's programs in management, law, human services and health professions, and engineering and computer science. The goal of the program is to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the issues facing the health care system. Courses are designed to bring medical, business, legal, and social work professionals together to discuss tradeoffs, conflicts, and complementary forces in managing the health care system in the changing environment. Program information is available at the Executive Education website.

Civil Society Organizations

Offered by Maxwell's Transnational NGO Initiative, this certificate helps prepare students for careers in NGO management, service delivery, and advocacy, as well as academic careers focusing on better understanding the impacts, challenges, and functions of NGOs in global governance. The certificate will acquaint students with faculty members  who are working on issues related to global civil society in disciplines ranging from public administration and political science to sociology, geography, social work, and law. Information is available at the Transnational NGO Initiative website.

Public Management and Policy

This specialized certificate is designed for current graduate students enrolled in science and technical programs within SU's College of Engineering and Computer Sciences; School of Information Studies; and  College of Arts and Sciences programs in biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics. It is intended to augment a student's current graduate program with a solid knowledge base in public management or in a public policy area.  It is particularly useful to students who will eventually work with or within the public sector, government organizations, and the non-profit/NGO communities. For information contact Christine Omolino at 315-443-4000, comolino@maxwell.syr.edu

Midcareer Certificates. Note that the Maxwell School also offers professional 12- or 15-credit certificates that may be earned apart from any larger degree program. For information on those, visit Executive Education.

Following are the certificates most popular with PAIA students. For a full list of Maxwell-based certificates, visit Certificate Programs.