JD/MPA and JD/IR Joint Degrees

  • Aris Evia

    ’99 JD/MPA

    Aris Evia 200px

    Evia is the Advisor to the Director of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, with a portfolio including renewable energy, protection of habitat for threatened and endangered species, safe and environmentally-friendly onshore oil and gas development, and retention of key energy staff.

Allowing law students to add a PAIA emphasis within the same three-year timeframe

Via one of these formal joint degree programs, students can prepare for a career at the nexus of law and either public administration or international relations, in such fields as international law, humanitarian law, and international business transactions. 

Students must gain admission to both PAIA and SU's College of Law, and will complete the entire first year of their JD prior to matriculation into the PAIA degree. For both the JD/MPA and JD/IR, completion requires just three years of study - the same time required of a JD alone. Students interested in this program need to complete both the GRE and the LSAT exams. 

Alternatively, the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs accepts applications from SU COL first year students for either the MPA or MAIR degree programs. Each fall, SU's COL hosts a joint degree fair so students can learn more about joint degree options.  Internal applicants do not need to submit GRE scores.  First year COL students should visit the SU COL Office of Student Affairs for complete instructions for applying as an internal applicant to these program. Students must apply before Feb 1 of their 1L year to be considered for these joint programs. Students beyond their 1L year are not eligible.  

Maxwell's PAIA Department and SU College of Law have a longstanding and strong alliance in the support of our joint degree students.  More information is available at the College of Law website featuring the benefits of these two dual degree programs.  

Fore more detail on the structure and requirements please consult the entries for the JD/MPA and JD/IR degree programs in the Syracuse University graduate course catalog. Also see Time to Complete.