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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Public Administration & International Affairs

Regional Concentration

Those with a strong interest in a particular country or region may choose to pursue a career track with a regional specialization to expand their area expertise. Through this enhanced understanding, professionals can best structure development programs, assess conflict drivers, and anticipate developments in a country or region.

Students pursuing a regional concentration may also count six credits of related graduate language study towards a regional concentration in Africa, East and South Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, and Middle East and North Africa.

Students seeking to develop a certifiable regional expertise may also pursue several certificates of advanced study, including:

Maxwell’s Global Programs , which provide off-campus opportunities around the globe, are another key component of a regional career track.

Drawing on the Maxwell School's strengths in interdisciplinary scholarship and the multiple research centers located within the Daniel P. Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, the following Maxwell School faculty conduct in-depth research around the world.


Rebecca Peters, Advisor (PAIA)

Horace Campbell (PSC)
A.H. Peter Castro (ANT)
Christopher De Course (ANT)
Constance Freeman (PAIA)
Audie Klotz (PSC)
John McPeak (PAIA)
S.N. Sangmpam (PSC) Martin Shanguhyia (HST) John Western (GEO)

East and South Asia

Terry Lautz, Advisor - East Asia

Susan Wadley, Advisor - South Asia

Frederick Carriere (PSC)
Margarita Estevez-Abe (PSC)
Dimitar Gueorguiev (PSC)
George Kallandar (HST)
Prema Kurien (SOC)
Mary Lovely (ECN)
Yingyi Ma (SOC)
Devashish Mitra (ECN)

Lars Rodseth (ANT)
Farhana Sultana (GEO)
Cecilia Van Hollen (ANT)

Europe and Eurasia

Brian Taylor, Advisor (PSC)

Alan Allport (HST)
William Banks (PAIA)
Catherine Bertini (PAIA)
G. Matthew Bonham (PSC)
Hans Buechler (ANT)
Len Coburn (PAIA)
Renee de Nevers (PAIA)
Michael Ebner (HST)
Paul Hagenloh (HST)
Margaret Hermann (PSC)
Samantha Herrick (HST)
Azra Hromadzic (ANT)
Seth Jolly (PSC)
Natalie Koch (GEO)
Laurie Marhoefer (HST)
Glyn Morgan (PSC)
Grant Reeher (PSC)
Tod Rutherford (GEO)
Junko Takeda (HST)
John Western (GEO)

Latin America

John Burdick - Advisor (ANT)
Hans Buechler (ANT)

Matthew Cleary (PSC)
Kwame Dixon (PSC)
Cecilia Green (SOC)
Amy Lutz (SOC)

Gladys McCormick (HST)
Arthur Paris (SOC)
Tom Perreault (GEO)
David Robinson (GEO)
Theresa Singleton (ANT)
Jamie Winders (GEO)

Middle East and North Africa

Mehrzad Boroujerdi - Advisor (PSC)
Hossein Bashiriyeh (PSC)
Miriam Elman (PSC)
Amy Kallander (HST)
Isaac Kfir (LAW)
Osamah Khalil (HST) Robert Rubinstein (ANT)
Yuksel Sezgin (PSC)
Corri Zoli
ANT 523
Globalization and its Discontents in Latin America
ANT 621
Gender and Sexuality in South Asia
ANT 626/PAI 626
Culture and Politics of Afghanistan and Pakistan
ANT 629
Transformation of Eastern Europe
ANT 672
Language, Culture and Society
ANT 673 Peace and Conflict in the Balkans: Anthropological Perspectives
GEO 500
Development and Sustenance in Latin America
GEO 720
Seminar on Latin America
HST 625
The European Union
HST 635
European Perspectives on Contemporary War and Conflict
HST 644
Israel and Palestine: Historical Approaches
PAI 500
African International Relations
PAI 500
Politics of Africa
PAI 515
China in Transition
PAI 624
Dictatorship, Human Rights, and Memory in the Southern Cone
PAI 702
Development in Africa: Challenges, Constraints, and Strategies
PAI 703
Current Issues in U.S.-Latin American Relations
PAI 715
African Conflicts
PAI 715
Geopolitics of South Asia
PAI 730
Latin America's Crisis of Citizen Security
PAI 730
U.S.-Mexico Relations
PSC 500
Politics of East Asia
PSC 682 Social Theory and Middle East Politics
PSC 684
International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 756
Politics of the European Union
PSC 780
Latin American Politics
PSC 782
Politics of China
PSC 786
Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
SOC 645
The Caribbean: Sex Workers, Transnational Capital, and Tourism
GEO 600
Geographies of Water
HST 635 European Perspectives on Contemporary War and Conflict
LAW 700
National Security Law
LAW 744
Perspectives on Terrorism
LAW 790
Counter-terrorism and the Law
LAW 813
The Rule of Law in Post Conflict Reconstruction
LAW 822
National Security and Counter-Terrorism Research Center
LAW 840
Laws of Armed Conflict
PAI 600
Stabilization and Growth in Emerging Markets
PAI 601/SOS 601 Fundamentals of Conflict Studies
PAI 641
Negotiating Resolution of International Conflict
PAI 715 National Security and Defense Transformation
PAI 715
African Conflicts: Causes and Consequences
PAI 717
International Security
PAI 718/PSC 706
U.S. National Security: Defense and Foreign Policy
PAI 719/PSC 719
Fundamentals of Post-Conflict Reconstruction
PAI 727
Responding to Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
PAI 730
Central Challenges to National Security Law and Policy
PAI 730
Crime, Drugs and Violence in Latin America
PAI 730
Managing Interpersonal, Group, and Systemic Conflict
PAI 738
U.S. Intelligence Community: Governance and Practice
PAI 739
U.S. Defense Strategy: Military Posture and Combat Operations
PAI 764
UN Organizations: Managing for Change
PAI 765
Humanitarian Action
PSC 700
International Human Rights
PSC 749
International Security Theory
PSC 752
International Law and Organizations
PSC 753
Global Migration
PSC 754
International Conflict and Peace
PSC 759
Crisis Management
PSC 784
Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
PSC 785
Comparative Civil-Military Relations