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MPA Program

Core Requirements

The core requirements of the MPA program (25 credits) are balanced along three lines: policy analysis, public management, and public context. They form a balanced foundation of courses designed to provide each student with:

  1. concrete skills/knowledge in policy analysis. This will assist our students with developing an analytical framework and skills with which to better analyze public policies/processes; and to determine the best solutions for improvement,
  2. skills/knowledge in the area of program management so that students can implement programs and put into practice the solutions defined as best through careful analysis, and
  3. an understanding of the public sector and institutional context. All programs designed to meet larger public policy/management goals must occur in a public (organizational/economic/societal/political) context -- and an understanding of the dynamics at work in these settings is critical for successful implementation.

These core skill sets prepare our graduates for a variety of positions in the public sector and assist our graduates for professional careers that have both domestic and international dimensions. While PA from its roots had a very domestic emphasis – that is simply not the case any longer and good management and policy skill sets are necessary in all arenas of public service.

Maxwell MPA Program Core Courses:

  • Public Affairs Colloquium
  • Public Budgeting
  • Public Administration and Democracy
  • Public Organizations and Management
  • Economics for Public Decisions
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • MPA Workshop
  • Executive Leadership and Policy Politics
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