Program of Study

Public and Nonprofit Management

This program-of-study is designed for students interested in general training in public sector and nonprofit management. By emphasizing broad-based analytical and managerial courses, Public and Nonprofit Management prepares students for careers as administrators and managers at all levels of government and in nonprofit organizations.

The teaching objectives of Public and Nonprofit Management include knowledge of the budgetary process, analytical tools, organizational management theories and practices, institutions and policies surrounding personnel administration, strategic public and nonprofit management, and the role of information technology in public and nonprofit management.

The faculty members who serve as advisors in Public and Nonprofit Management represent a wide range of interests, which reflect the breadth of alternatives within this program-of-study. Among the recent or current research and consulting activities of the faculty are projects in financial management, organization structure and design, policy analysis, politics of civil service, managerial leadership, public administration and law, programmatic design, implementation and management, nonprofit leadership and foundations.


Public Administration Courses:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Nonprofit Management and Governance
  • Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations
  • Implementation of Public Policy
  • Management of NGO's in Developing and Transitional Countries
  • Managing Interpersonal, Group and Systemic Conflicts
  • Collaborative and Participatory Governance
  • Fundamentals of Conflict Studies
  • Digital Government
  • Social Media in the Public Sector
  • UN Organizations: Managing for Change 
  • Governance and Global Civil Society
  • Ethics and Public Policy
  • Public Administration and Law
  • Regulatory Law and Policy
  • Labor Relations in the Public Sector

Law Courses:

  • Law, Politics and the Media
  • Lawyer as Negotiator

Certificates of Advanced Studies are available in Applied Conflict Management and in Civil Society Organizations.


Associate Director, Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Chief Executive Officer, Bright Path Counseling Center 
Principal, Deloitte Consulting 
Investment Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Director, Grant Programs, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Association
Field Services Director, American Federation of Teachers
Senior Officer, The PEW Charitable Trusts 
Senior Consultant and Program Manager, FHI 360
Executive Director, Hospicare
Managing Director, Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, Teach For America 
Chief Operating Officer, Credit Suisse
Program Examiner, US Office of Management and Budget 
Vice President for Advancement, Interlochen Center for the Arts 
Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Deloitte Consulting
Outreach Strategy Manager, Children Now 
Principal, Grant Thornton
Director of Marketing Research, American Cancer Society
Director of Grant Development, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 
VP of Programs, Easter Seals of Arizona 
Chief Development Officer, Jewish Social Services Agency of Greater Washington
President & CEO, Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Senior Analyst, Project Performance Corporation
VP of Network Development, Feeding America 
VP of Human Resources, St. Mary's Hospital 
Director, Early Education, The New America Foundation