Program of Study

Technology and Information Management

Technology and Information Management was developed out of a realization that many areas of public concern include significant technical or information system aspects. Indeed, many observers believe that the public service is experiencing fundamental change ushered in by revolutionary developments in technology. Today's public manager benefits by a knowledge of the technical dimensions of public management, but tomorrow's public manager may well be required to have an understanding of the effects of technology and information systems on policy. Even as policy priorities shift from year to year, the technical requirements of public management will remain a driving force.

There is no expectation that the Technology and Information Management curriculum will transform students into engineers or information scientists; the more modest goal is to enhance the traditional skills of public managers and prepare Technology and Information Management graduates to work (often with technicians) on problems that have both managerial and technical components.

Some students electing Technology and Information Management program will work in agencies that are primarily concerned with technical and information issues as part of their basic mission (e.g., state energy offices, NASA, various consulting firms, environmental agencies). Many others, however, will assume jobs in more traditional agencies but in positions which require technical knowledge (such as technology transfer agents, decision support staff, or policy analysts dealing with technical issues). A grounding in technology and information policy is useful at all levels of government and is also much in demand in the private and not-for-profit sectors.


PAIA Courses:

  • Digital Government
  • Social Media in the Public Sector 
  • Networked Governance
  • Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • The Economics of Science and Technology
  • Global Information Technology

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  • Systems Assurance Seminar
  • Security on Networked Environments
  • Survey of Telecommunications and Information Policy
  • Technology as a Public Good
  • Technology Transactions Law
  • Cyber Security Law & Policy
  • Telecommunications and Network Management I
  • E-Commerce Technologies


Information Technology Specialist, US Government Accountability Office
IT Principal, Accion International 
Online Communications Manager, National Organization for Women
Research Analyst, Gov Loop
Senior VP of Information Technology, First Book
Project Manager, Science Applications International Corporation 
Director of IT, Fidelity Investments 
Chief Information Officer, Nature's Sunshine Products
Program and Technology Manager, Secretariat for the Internet Governance Forum, United Nations 
Information Systems Analyst, US Government Accountability Office 
Technology Analyst, TechSoup 
Head Resource Analyst, NASA 
Knowledge Manager, Deloitte Consulting 
Director of Client Solutions, Office of the CIO, Health and Human Services, New York City