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Development and Humanitarian Assistance

The international community has made great strides in reducing poverty and improving livelihoods around the world. Despite this progress, exemplified by the success of the UN Millennium Development Goals, there remains much to be done to alleviate human suffering and create the conditions for economic opportunity.

To confront a world with a growing population, affected by man-made and natural disasters, the Development, and Humanitarian Assistance career track prepares students to support international development and humanitarian operations. Students completing this career track understand the field and can develop and implement new approaches to address these challenges.

This track draws on the Maxwell School's experience in program management and evaluation, pairing this with technical skills in program and project design, as well as the cultural and regional understanding needed to ensure that relief programs are contextually appropriate to the target environment. The broad range of course offerings focus on health, education, environmental sustainability, state-building and democratization, social change, economic growth, humanitarian assistance, and the political and cultural context of development and humanitarian operations.

The following Maxwell School and Syracuse University faculty conduct cutting-edge research and teaching with the goal of promoting broader social and economic development around the world. 

Lamis Abdelaaty (PSC)
Merima Ali (ECN)

William Banks (PAIA)
Catherine Bertini (PAIA)
Stuart Brown (PAIA) Tosca Bruno-VanVijfeijken (PAIA)
John Burdick (ANT) Linda Carty (SOC) A.H. Peter Castro (ANT)
Robert Christen (PAIA) Matthew Cleary (PSC)
Rafael Fernandez de Castro (PAIA)
Constance Freeman (PAIA) Cecilia Green (ANT) Azra Hromadzic (ANT)
Melinda Kimble (PAIA) Stephanie Kinney (PAIA) Audie Klotz (PSC)
Prema Kurien (SOC) Amy Lutz (SOC) Steve Lux (PAIA)
Devashish Mitra (ECN) Piyusha Mutreja (ECN) Anne Mosher (GEO)
Deborah Pellow (ANT) Thomas Perreault (GEO) Rebecca Peters (PAIA)
Robert Rubinstein (ANT) Anoop Sadanandan (PSC) Sabina Schnell (PAIA)
Martin Shanguhyia (HST) Farhana Sultana (GEO) Cecilia Van Hollen (ANT)
Susan Wadley (ANT)
John Western (GEO)
Peter Wilcoxen (PAIA)

Coursework in this track incorporates issues critical to an understanding of international development and humanitarian affairs. This includes the culturally-specific context of development interventions, the role of international organizations, national governments, and non-state actors in providing official development and humanitarian assistance, and the tools needed to effectively deliver support to international populations from the perspectives of Anthropologists, Economists, Geographers, Historians, Political Scientists, Practitioners, and Sociologists.

Class Number
ANT 600
Dealing With Disasters
ANT 616 Political Anthropology
ANT 621 Gender and Sexuality in South Asia
ANT 629
Transformation of Eastern Europe
ANT 649 World Heritage Sites
ANT 655 Culture and AIDS
ANT 663 Global Health
ANT 672 Language, Culture and Society
ANT 676 Women, War and Peace
ECN 610
Topics in Development Economics
ECN 610 Topics in Economics and Gender
ECN 610 International Trade and Development
ECN 665 International Economics
GEO 537
Environmental Policy in a Development Context
GEO 600
Geographies of Water
GEO 606
Development and Sustainability
GEO 705
Theories of Development
PAI 600
Current Issues in African Migration
PAI 600
Stabilization and Growth in Emerging Markets
PAI 700
Food Security
PAI 701
Multilateral Peacekeeping
PAI 702
African Development: Challenges, Constraints and Strategies
PAI 707
Culture in World Affairs
PAI 713
Governance and Global Civil Society
PAI 715
Development Assistance: Policy, Theory and Practice
PAI 715
Global Sustainability and Public Policy
PAI 716
Economic Dimensions of Global Power
PAI 719
Fundamentals of Post-Conflict Reconstruction
PAI 730
Health and Deelopment
PAI 730
Latin America's Crisis of Citizen Security
PAI 756
International Development Policy and Administration
PAI 757
Economics of Development
PAI 759
Girls' Education in the Developing World
PAI 763
NGO Management in Developing and Transitional Countries
PAI 764
UN Organizations: Managing for Change
PAI 765
Humanitarian Action: Challenges, Responses and Results
PAI 775
Energy, Environment and Resources Policy
PAI 777
Economics of Environmental Policy
PAI 778
Development Finance: Building Inclusive Financial Systems
PAI 779
Social Policy: Financing the Poor
PSC 681
Comparative State-Society Relations
PSC 700
Challenges in Crisis and Disaster Management
PSC 700
Political Economy of Development
PSC 752
International Law and Organizations
PSC 757
Non-State Actors in World Affairs
PSC 758
Global Migration
PSC 759
Crisis Management
PSC 781
Politics of the Developing World
PSC 787
Democracy and Democratization
Maxwell School International Relations alumni pursuing work in this sub-field are working in positions in the following organizations: Accion International, AECOM, Amnesty International, ARD, the Asian Development Bank, Catholic Relief Services, Creative Associates International, Development Alternatives Incorporated, FINCA, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, ICF Consulting, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Organization for Migration, OXFAM, the Research Triangle Institute, UNICEF, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the World Food Programme, and the World Health Organization.