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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Public Administration & International Affairs

Governance, Diplomacy and International Organizations

Nation-states make up the foundation of the international system, even as the influence of non-state actors, including corporations and armed opposition groups, on international affairs grows.

Understanding these new international policy realities requires comprehension of the state's role and the power against the rising power and influence of these non-state actors.

In a world where diplomatic and policy analysis remains a key competency, The Governance, Diplomacy, and International Organizations career track provides students with the skills and training needed to comprehensively understand interaction between states, the role of leaders and leadership within international and transnational organizations, and the analysis of these behaviors in a comparative context.

This track draws on the Maxwell School's long history of leadership training and international policy to confer competencies essential to advancing international understanding and organizational operations.  This includes negotiation and conflict resolution, cultural awareness, political leadership, and organizational management.  Other important skills include diplomacy and foreign policy, and substantive knowledge of regions and inter-state relations.

The following Maxwell School and Syracuse University faculty conduct cutting-edge research and teaching in the role of International Organizations in the world system, the way in which non-state actors influence international policy, and the relationship between nation-states.

Margaret Hermann, Advisor (PSC)
Lamis Abdelaaty (PSC) Catherine Bertini (PAIA) G. Matthew Bonham (PSC)
Mehrzad Boroujerdi (PSC) Stuart Brown (PAIA) Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken (PAIA)
John Burdick (ANT) Horace Campbell (PSC) Frederick Carriere (PSC)
Matthew Cleary (PSC) Leonard Coburn (PAIA) David Crane (LAW)
Gavan Duffy (PSC) Colin Elman (PSC) Miriam Elman (PSC)
Rafael Fernandez de Castro (PAIA) Philip French (PAIA) Dimitar Gueorguiev (PSC)
Tara Helfman (LAW) Touqir Hussein (PAIA) Seth Jolly (PSC)
Leyla Karakas (ECN) Isaac Kfir (LAW) Osamah Khalil (HST)
Melinda Kimble (PAIA) Audie Klotz (PSC) Glyn Morgan (PSC)
Michael O'Hanlon (PAIA) Eliza Patterson (PAIA) Lars Rodseth (ANT)
Robert Rubinstein (ANT) Michael Schneider (PAIA) Sabina Schnell (PAIA)
James Steinberg Cora True-Frost (LAW)

Students in the Governance, Diplomacy, and International Organizations career track can pursue coursework across the breadth of the Maxwell School and the Syracuse University College of Law. This includes coursework instructed by Anthropologists, Economists, Geographers, Historians, Lawyers, Political Scientists, and Practitioners. For a more detailed list of courses approved for this career track, please use the drop-down menu below.

Course Number
ANT 600
Dealing with Disasters
ANT 624/SOS 624
Negotiation: Theory and Practice
ANT 626/PAI 626
Culture and Politics in Afghanistan and Pakistan
ANT 629
Global Transformations
ANT 649
World Heritage Sites
ANT 701/PAI 701
Seminar on Multilateral Peacekeeping
HST 645
History of International Relations
LAW 778 International Human Rights
PAI 500 African International Relations
PAI 601/SOS 601 Fundamentals of Conflict Studies
PAI 700
Food Security
PAI 700
Global Energy, Economics, and Geopolitics
PAI 700
Who Will Rule the 21st Century?
PAI 702
Seminar on U.S. - Latin American Relations
PAI 708
Issues in Public Diplomacy
PAI 713 /PSC 703
Governance and Global Civil Society
PAI 715
International Economic Negotiations
PAI 715
Geopolitics of South Asia
PAI 715
Statecraft and Smart Power
PAI 718/PSC 706
United States National Security: Defense and Foreign Policy
PAI 719/PSC 719
Fundamentals of Post-Conflict Reconstruction
PAI 727
Responding to Proliferation
PAI 730
Latin America's Crisis of Citizen Security
PAI 730
U.S. - Mexico Relations
PAI 741
Social Media in the Public Sector
PAI 750
Collaborative and Participatory Governance
PAI 763
Managing NGO's in Developing and Transitional Countries
PAI 764
UN Organizations: Managing for Change
PSC 500
Republic to Superpower: America in the World
PSC 500
Politics of East Asia
PSC 684
International Relations of the Middle East
PSC 700
International Human Rights
PSC 700/LAW 839
Law, Politics and the Media
PSC 700
U.S., China, and the Contested World Order
PSC 752
International Law and Organizations
PSC 753
International Political Economy
PSC 754
International Conflict and Peace
PSC 758
Global Migration
PSC 759/PAI 700
Crisis Management
PSC 780 Latin American Politics
PSC 781
Politics of the Developing World
PSC 783
Comparative Foreign Policy
PSC 785
Comparative Civil-Military Relations
PSC 786
Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
PSC 787
Democracy and Democratization
PSC 788
Political Leadership
PSC 793
Constructing the World Polity

Maxwell School International Relations alumni pursuing work in this sub-field are working in career positions in the following organizations: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Council of Europe, Council on Foreign Relations, European Commission, International Foundation for Election Systems, National Democratic Institute, Organization of American States, Social Science Research Council, United Nations, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development