Governance, Diplomacy and International Organizations

Nation-states make up the foundation of the international system, even as the influence of non-state actors, including corporations and armed opposition groups, on international affairs grows.

Understanding these new international policy realities requires comprehension of the state's role and the power against the rising power and influence of these non-state actors.

In a world where diplomatic and policy analysis remains a key competency, The Governance, Diplomacy, and International Organizations career track provides students with the skills and training needed to comprehensively understand interaction between states, the role of leaders and leadership within international and transnational organizations, and the analysis of these behaviors in a comparative context.

This track draws on the Maxwell School's long history of leadership training and international policy to confer competencies essential to advancing international understanding and organizational operations.  This includes negotiation and conflict resolution, cultural awareness, political leadership, and organizational management.  Other important skills include diplomacy and foreign policy, and substantive knowledge of regions and inter-state relations.

For more up to date information on faculty associated with the Governance, Diplomacy and International Relations Career Track, please consult the 2017-18 MAIR Handbook.