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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Public Administration & International Affairs

Peace, Security and Conflict

The post-Cold War and post-9/11 world forced a change in thinking about the dynamic relationship between peace, security, and conflict.  Security in critical to stability and development, but security alone does not resolve conflict nor create peace. 

New challenges to stability can emerge rapidly, forcing actors to confront complex and unfamiliar challenges while continuing to address historic tensions. Changing power relationships can create new anxieties.  New technologies pose increasing threats to security while providing opportunities to promote broader peace. The rise of non-state actors also forces governments and international organizations to adapt their strategies to better address human security and understand conflict drivers.

Those interested in careers in security studies, conflict management, and peacebuilding must understand how these new challenges affect the international environment.  This understanding allows for the development of more effective policies by nation-states, international agencies, and non-governmental organizations to address threats to international peace and security. 

The following Maxwell School and Syracuse University faculty conduct cutting-edge research and teaching in the areas of international security policy, conflict analysis, and peace negotiations.

Renee de Nevers, Advisor (PAIA)
William Banks (PAIA/LAW)
Catherine Bertini (PAIA)

A. H. Peter Castro (ANT)
David Crane (LAW)
Gavan Duffy (PSC)

Michael Ebner (HST)
Colin Elman (PSC)
Miriam Elman (PSC)

Rafael Fernandez de Castro (PAIA)
Constance Freeman (PAIA)
Catherine Gerard (PAIA)

Azra Hromadzic (ANT)
Toquir Hussein (PAIA)

James Keagle (PAIA)
Isaac Kfir (PAIA)
Robert Murrett (PAIA)
Michael O'Hanlon (PAIA)
Sean O'Keefe (PAIA)
Deborah Pellow (ANT)
Lars Rodseth (ANT)
Robert Rubinstein (ANT)
James Steinberg
Michael Schneider (PAIA)

Brian Taylor (PSC)

Coursework in this track incorporates issues critical to an understanding of peace, security, and conflict. This includes conflict drivers and peacebuilding strategies, national and international security, post-conflict reconstruction, spoilers of peace, civil-military relations, international cooperation, intelligence, military operations and strategy, as well as transnational threats from the perspectives of Anthropologists, Economists, Geographers, Historians, Lawyers, Political Scientists and Practitioners.

ANT 600
Dealing with Disasters
ANT 600
Politics, Religion, and Violence
ANT 624
Negotiation in Theory and Practice
ANT 600
Violence and its Aftermath
ANT 673 Peace and Conflict in the Balkans: Anthropological Perspectives
ANT 676 Women, War and Peace
ANT 677 Culture and Conflict
ANT 701/PAI 701
Seminar on Multilateral Peacekeeping
GEO 600
Geographies of Water
HST 635 European Perspectives on Contemporary War and Conflict
LAW 700
National Security Law
LAW 744
Perspectives on Terrorism
LAW 790
Counter-terrorism and the Law
LAW 813
The Rule of Law in Post Conflict Reconstruction
LAW 822
National Security and Counter-Terrorism Research Center
LAW 840
Laws of Armed Conflict
PAI 600
Stabilization and Growth in Emerging Markets
PAI 601/SOS 601 Fundamentals of Conflict Studies
PAI 641
Negotiating Resolution of International Conflict
PAI 715 National Security and Defense Transformation
PAI 715
African Conflicts: Causes and Consequences
PAI 717
International Security
PAI 718/PSC 706
U.S. National Security: Defense and Foreign Policy
PAI 719/PSC 719
Fundamentals of Post-Conflict Reconstruction
PAI 727
Responding to Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
PAI 730
Central Challenges to National Security Law and Policy
PAI 730
Crime, Drugs and Violence in Latin America
PAI 730
Managing Interpersonal, Group, and Systemic Conflict
PAI 738
U.S. Intelligence Community: Governance and Practice
PAI 739
U.S. Defense Strategy: Military Posture and Combat Operations
PAI 764
UN Organizations: Managing for Change
PAI 765
Humanitarian Action
PSC 700
International Human Rights
PSC 749
International Security Theory
PSC 752
International Law and Organizations
PSC 753
Global Migration
PSC 754
International Conflict and Peace
PSC 759
Crisis Management
PSC 785
Comparative Civil-Military Relations
Maxwell School International Relations alumni pursuing work in this sub-field hold positions in the following organizations: African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, The Carter Center, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, INCORE (International Conflict Research), International Crisis Group, Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Search for Common Ground, U.S. Institute of Peace, and the U.S. State Department.