Dual Degree Programs

Customize your educational experience to fit your career goals through one of our dual degree programs, and earn two master's degrees in less time than it would take to complete each degree program separately.


Combining Maxwell's professional degrees in a powerful two-year program

The MPA/MAIR program allows students to fulfill the requirements of both a master's degree in Public Administration and in International Relations with the completion of 58 credits in a two-year period. Students may apply directly to the joint program or add the second degree once admitted.

The Master of Arts in International Relations emphasizes integrative interdisciplinary social science perspectives and practical and collaborative experiences that enable students to deal with global issues of governance and policy.

Completing our MPA degree program along with the MAIR prepares students for successful careers as international professionals with a high level of management and policy expertise. The joint program offers excellent preparation for professions in government, global consulting firms, NGOs, and international organizations.

Highly selective, around 20 joint MPA/MAIR students begin each year. The joint program allows students to participate in two semesters away from campus (summer and fall of their second year) if they desire.

Participation in a professional internship is a required part of your MAIR program. At least one IR Career Track course must be an internship relevant to your program of study.

There are several ways to structure your joint degree program. Your particular plan will vary based on your curricular interests and desire to study abroad or off-campus.

View the MPA/MAIR Curriculum.

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Through the Master of International Relations/JD joint degree programs, students prepare for a career at the nexus of law and international relations, in such fields as international law, human rights law and international business transactions. Students complete the joint degree program in just three years of study- the same time required of a JD alone.

Students must gain admission to both PAIA and SU's College of Law and complete the entire first year of their JD prior to matriculation into the PAIA degree. Alternatively, the PAIA accepts applications from first-year SU College of Law students.

Each fall, SU's College of Law hosts a joint degree fair so students can learn more about joint degree options. Students should contact the Student Affairs Office at SU College of Law for more information on this event and pursuing a joint degree.

Visit the School of Law website for more information about the JD degree.

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MA in International Relations and MS in Public Relations

For careers in public communications for government and large international organizations

The field of public diplomacy is has evolved far beyond the traditional view that includes government-funded and sponsored cultural, educational, exchange and broadcasts to promote the national interest of a nation state.

Syracuse University prepares students for the field of public diplomacy through the dual-degree program of an MA in International Relations, earned at the Maxwell School, and an MS in Public Relations from the esteemed Newhouse School of Public Communications, which together prepare students for communications and advocacy work in an international setting.

Completed in only two years, all students enter the program in July and spend their first full year on campus. MSPR/MAIR students are able to go abroad, through one of our extensive Global Programs, over the summer semester after this initial year.

Additionally, the final spring term is spent at our Maxwell-in-Washington program. This semester includes internships and policy-oriented seminars specific to the MAIR/MSPR program.

Why public diplomacy?

Every organization, regardless of its size or mission, needs people who have the training and skills to create and sustain an effective dialogue with external audiences. There is an ever-increasing need for people across sectors to have an understanding of diverse audiences, nationally and internationally, and the skill to craft messages that describe the organization, convey its vision, and help the organization communicate its message in times of change or crisis.

The dual-degree program in Public Relations and International Relations provides students with these skills and the academic credentials from the Maxwell School and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.

Visit the Newhouse School website for more information about our MAIR/MSPR dual degree program.

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MAIR/MA Economics Joint Degree

Combining two strong Maxwell programs to address global needs

Earn two master's degrees – a Master of Economics and a Master of International Relations - in just two years to prepare for the changing demands of the global marketplace.

This joint degree program addresses, in particular, strong interest in international economic development. Students have the opportunity to complete an internship (taken during the summer or fall of the second year of study) that relates to a student's combined interests in international relations and economics. In addition to the completing the core courses in international relations, students also complete challenging courses in economic theory and econometrics.

The interplay between international relations and economic forces dominates our attention today. The daily headlines reveal the extent of global conflict rooted in economics--everything from international trade wars, to sovereign debt default, to environmental devastation.

In the increasingly competitive job market, international relations students with a firm grounding in economic theory and applied quantitative techniques hold a distinct advantage in building quality careers in government, the private sector, or with non-government organizations.

Students are admitted to both programs separately and must fulfill the core courses, specializations, and exit requirements for both programs. Upon completion of these requirements, students are awarded two degrees, the MAIR and the MA in Economics.

Careers in International Affairs

Graduates of the joint MAIR/Economics degree enter careers in global business and international development, multinational corporations, investment banks, and policy consulting firms, as well as the U.S. government, the World Bank System, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations.

More than 8,000 Maxwell graduates hold a variety of influential positions in the United States and around the world. In the Washington, D.C. area, there are 1,600 Maxwell alumni who work in the executive branch, on Capitol Hill, in NGOs, and in international organizations.

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