Master of Arts in International Relations Mission Statement

Unique among programs in international affairs, the Maxwell School’s Master of Arts in International Relations (MAIR) program trains its students to devise innovative solutions to contemporary international challenges and effectively run public, private and civil society organizations in the international sphere. Housed alongside our top-ranked public administration program, MAIR equips future leaders with the substantive expertise, professional and managerial skills, and hands-on experience needed to pursue a successful and rewarding leadership career.

The MAIR degree embodies the Maxwell School’s distinctive strengths. Maxwell houses professional programs alongside the social sciences and history, offering an opportunity to draw on creative inter-disciplinary thinking in preparing future leaders to address new and complex problems. The School’s long-standing commitment to fostering citizenship and public engagement is reflected in the curriculum, the diversity of the student body and faculty, and first rate global internships and experiences. Students develop the skills to work effectively in a group and organizational setting, develop goals and implement effective strategies, motivate a diverse workforce and mobilize resources to achieve desired results.  MAIR students are not only well prepared to take on the first job after graduation, but equally to meet the emerging challenges they will encounter throughout their careers.

Our MAIR graduates are active around the world, advocating for natural resource transparency in Africa, fighting corruption in El Salvador, advising Prime Ministers on economic policy and managing European cybersecurity efforts.  Whether working in the international public, private or transnational NGO sectors, they stand out for the unique perspective and leadership training they bring to bear on cutting-edge challenges in global affairs.