E-Government Management and Leadership

The Certificate of Advanced Study in E-Government Management and Leadership is a 12-credit certificate degree offered by the Maxwell School and the iSchool.

Midcareer students may complete the certificate as a stand-alone certificate or concurrently as part of one of our 30-credit EMPA or EMIR degree programs.

The certificate can be completed on campus or in a blended learning environment in which students take courses on campus and online.

To complete the certificate, students take two required courses and two elective courses. Students consult with their CAS advisors to select the elective courses that align with your experience and background, as well as your expected career path. The elective courses are selected from a designated list that includes both Maxwell School and iSchool courses (please see below).

Some students may choose to take both electives in either school or one elective from each school. You may select courses that focus on the technical context and technical design or courses that explore the variety of organizational design and management issues that are obviously associated with the e-government implementation.


Two Required Courses

  • IST 711 Electronic Government: Concepts and Practice (Online or On Campus)
  • PAI 895 Executive Education Seminar: Managerial Leadership

Two Elective Courses

The following provides a representative sample of courses offered at the Maxwell that would be appropriate offerings for completion of the CAS in e-Government Management and Leadership.

Maxwell School Courses

  • PAI 730 Information Strategy and Management in the Public Sector
  • PAI 730 Information Management in the Public Sector in the Public Sector I: I-Governance Management in the Information Age
  • PAI 730 Information Management in the Public Sector II? Government 2.0
  • PAI 730 Networked Governance
  • PAI 730 Forecasting for Policy Analysis and Public Management
  • PAI 734 Public Budgeting
  • PAI 742 Public Administration and Law
  • PAI 755 Public Administration & Democracy
  • PAI 772 Science, Technology and Public Policy
  • PAI 789 Advanced Policy Analysis

iSchool Courses

  • IST 618 Information Policy
  • IST 623 Introduction to Information Security
  • IST 625 Enterprise Risk Management
  • IST 634 Security in Networked Environments
  • IST 639 Enterprise Technologies
  • IST 641 User-based Design
  • IST 645 Managing Information Systems Projects
  • IST 649 Human Interaction with Computers
  • IST 653 Enterprise Network Management I
  • IST 659 Data Administration Concepts and Database Management
  • IST 726 Enterprise Architecture
  • IST 728 Information Security Policy
  • IST 754 Capstone Project
  • IST 769 Advanced Data Administration Concepts and Database Management

Certificate Advisors

Maxwell School

Margaret Lane
Assistant Director, Executive Education
219 Maxwell Hall


Murali Venkatesh
Program Director
120 Hinds Hall