Executive Master of International Relations

The Executive Master of International Relations (EMIR) focuses on the global arena and prepares professionals with seven or more years of experience for the next step in their careers and for the complex challenges and opportunities facing global executives.

The interdisciplinary program attracts diverse professionals from NGOs, government ministries, federal agencies, and a variety of nonprofit and private sector organizations. Students may complete the 30-credit EMIR degree program full-time in one calendar year, or on a part-time basis to fit their schedule and career demands. As part of the degree, students choose a career track, regional focus, and elective course options.

Career Track

The degree attracts professionals who wish to gain experience in one of six career tracks:

Foreign Policy
Global Development Policy
Global Markets
Global Security
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Transnational Organizations and Leadership.

Regional Focus

Additionally, a regional focus in one of five geographic regions is required:
Latin America
The Middle East.

Complete degree requirements details are outlined in the Course Catalog.

Specialized focus through certificates of advanced study

Along with the EMIR degree, students on campus may enhance their learning experience by concurrently earning a 12-credit Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in a specialized field. Certificates include:

Conflict Resolution
E-Government Management and Leadership
Environmental Decision-making*
Health Services Management and Policy
Leadership of International and Non-governmental Organizations
Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Public Administration
Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership*
Security Studies

* 15-credit CAS

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Based in Washington, the EMIR in DC is a unique master's program offered in cooperation with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a top ranked global think tank. Designed for midcareer professionals looking to advance their career and deepen their understanding of critical global issues, students may complete this degree in as few as 18 months part-time.

Dual degree option

Many professionals opt for the EMPA/EMIR dual degree program, earning both degrees concurrently by completing a total of 51 credits.