Mission Statement

"The MPA program at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs seeks to enhance knowledge and develop skills essential to careers in public service. We believe public service means using one’s abilities and opportunities to contribute to the broad public good across levels of government and with nonprofit and for-profit organizations, nationally and internationally. The MPA program is grounded in a comprehensive view of public service education that appreciates the need for three areas of mastery: formulating, implementing and evaluating policy; leading and managing organizations with diverse stakeholders; and applying rigorous and evidence-based analysis to inform decision making. To accomplish this mission, the Maxwell School MPA’s program is designed with several distinctive features including a twelve-month intensive cohort experience, a broad cross-section of domestic and international students, productive and accessible faculty who are engaged in applied interdisciplinary research, and a focus on citizenship in teaching, scholarship, and service."

Retention to Graduation 

The Maxwell School has near perfect retention to graduation rates for its MPA program students.  In data reported to NASPAA, the vast majority of our students complete the MPA program in the expected 12 month time frame. Most of our joint degree students are expected to complete their programs over two years of full time study, and JD/MPA students require three years of full time study.

Data from the Summer 2014 entering cohort shows that of 119 initially enrolled students, 114 completed the program within the specified length of time (96%); Two completed within 150% of the expected degree program length. Of the remaining three students, one joint student withdrew from the MPA program (completing the MA IR degree only) for financial reasons, and two are currently on active Leaves of Absence due to extenuating circumstances unrelated to their progress in the program.