MPA/MAIR Curriculum

Public Administration

Core (10 credits)

Public Affairs Colloquium (1 credit)
Public Budgeting
Public Administration and Democracy
Quantitative Analysis

Capstone Courses (6 credits)

MPA Workshop
Executive Leadership

Area of Study Courses (9 Credits)

International and Development Administration
State and Local Government Financial Management and Analysis
Social Policy (Aging, Health, Education & Welfare)
Public and Nonprofit Management
National and International Security Policy
Data Analytics for Public Policy
Environmental Policy and Administration
Public Sector Innovation & Management

PA Total: 25 credits

International Relations

Core (6 Credits)

International Actors & Issues
Research Design for the IR Practitioner

Signature Course (select one, 3 credits)

History of International Relations
Economic Dimensions of Global Power
Comparative Foreign Policy
Culture in World Affairs
Development & Sustainability

Career Track (12 credits)

International Political Economy:  Finance, Trade and Migration
Development & Humanitarian Assistance
Governance, Diplomacy & International Organizations
Peace, Security and Conflict
Regional Concentration (Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa)

Open Elective Course (3 credits)

IR Total: 24 credits


Shared Core Courses

PA & IR Core (9 credits)

Economics for Public Decisions
Introduction to Statistics

Management Core (select 1)

Challenges of International Management & Leadership
Public Organizations & Management
Shared Total: 9 credits

MPA/MAIR Degree Total: 58 credits