Faculty News

Faculty Research, Awards and Recognition 

Over the past year, many PAIA faculty have been honored with prestigious award and research grants.  While there are too many to list, we would like to highlight a few:

David Van Slyke is co-authoring two forthcoming publications:

  • Boyer, Eric, David M. Van Slyke, and Juan Rogers (Forthcoming). "An Empirical Examination of Public Involvement in Public-Private Partnerships: Qualifying the Benefits of Public Involvement in PPPs." Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory.
  • Brown, Trevor L., Matthew Potoski, and David M. Van Slyke (Forthcoming). "Managing Complex Contracts: A Theoretical Approach." Journal of Public Administration, Research and Theory.​

Len Lopoo was awarded Syracuse University's Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award at a ceremony on April 25. 

Tina Nabatchi has been awarded the 2013 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Award for Teaching and Research.  This award was established by the former Senator and Maxwell professor to recognize an outstanding non-tenured faculty member.   

Stuart Bretschneider was elected to the Board of Directors of the Public Management Research Association.   

Walter Broadnax delivered the invited Elliot Richardson Lecture at the American Society for Public Administration. He was also tapped to serve on the Empire State Development Panel's Strategic Plan Review Committee. This group will assist in the review of the final strategic plans submitted by New York's ten Regional Economic Development Councils. 

Catherine Bertini was granted the 2011 Borlaug CAST Communications Award by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. She was also asked by Secretary of State Clinton to serve on the Accountability Review Board to investigate the Benghazi attack. This review board submitted their findings in December 2012. 

Len Burman testified before the Senate Finance Committee on Tax Reform Options and served as president of the National Tax Association, as well as co-editor of Public Finance Review.  His new book, Taxes in America: What Everyone Needs to Know was released in November 2012. 

David Popp received a three year NSF grant to evaluate government R&D spending on energy and was named co-editor of Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

John McPeak received a four-year grant from the Livestock and Climate Change Collaborative Research Support Program and co-authored the book, Risk and Social Change in an African Rural Economy: Livelihoods in Pastoral Communities. 

Tina Nabatchi co-authored a research report, Bridging the Gap between Public Officials and the Public, published by the Deliberative Democracy Consortium.

New Faculty

Yilin Hou returns to Maxwell this fall, after having most recently served as the Stanley. W. Shelton Professor of Public Finance at the University of Georgia.  His areas of teaching expertise include: public budgeting, public financial management, and (international) public finance.  His research looks specifically at state and local taxation, intergovernmental fiscal relations, fiscal/budgetary institutions and intellectual development of public budgeting.  Yilin earned his PhD in Public Administration from the Maxwell School in 2002.

Sarah E. Hamersma will also join our faculty this fall. Her areas of teaching expertise include:  public economics, labor economics, and applied microeconomics.  Her research looks specifically at the intersections of economic tax policy and social safety net programs and the policy impacts on workers, families and employment.  Sarah earned her PhD in Economics from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2004.