Our PhD in Public Administration program graduates successfully obtain employment in academic and research organizations including: Harvard University, Indiana University, North Carolina University, Rutgers University, the University of North Carolina, the World Bank.

PhD in Public Administration alumni placements
Academic and Research Organization 2002-2006  2007-2012  2013-2016  Percentage
 US University  13  21  9  79.7%
 Non-US University  2  1  2  7.8%
 Research Org  0  0  1  1.6%
 US Government  0  1  0 1.6%
 Non-US Government  0   0    1  1.6%
 Private Sector   0    0    2   4.7%
 Non-Profit Sector  2  0  0  3.1%
 TOTAL  17  23  15  100%

Maxwell PhD alumni work around the world in careers in research and teaching.  The bios below highlight the many accomplishments of some of our alumni.

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PhD Alumni



Suyeon Jo, PhD, 2019

  • Assistant Professor, Public Administration and Policy, University of Arizona
  • Research interests: public and nonprofit management, public participation, volunteerism, collaborative governance, good governance, and democratic public administration. She is particularly interested in how participatory and collaborative processes shape public governance outcomes
  • Field of specialization: Management
Yusun Kim 2019_web (1)

 Yusun Kim, PhD, 2019 

Iuliia Shybalkina_web 

Iuliia Shybalkina, PhD, 2019 


 Michelle Lofton Headshot

Michelle L. Lofton, PhD, 2018  


Kelly Ann Stevens

Kelly Ann Stevens, PhD, 2017

 Murchie, Judson_web

 Judson Murchie, PhD, 2017

  • Policy Research and Strategy Division, Wells Fargo


Tian Tang

 Tian Tang, PhD, 2016

Pengju Zhang

Pengju Zhang, PhD, 2016

Nidhi Vij

Nidhi Vij, PhD, 2016

Harish Jagannanth

Harish Jagannath, PhD, 2016

  • Teaches Strategic Planning and Performance Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, Azim Premji University, India
  • Research interests: Public management, policy implementation, collaborative governance, bureaucratic politics, organization theory
  • Fields of specialization: Development policy and public management
Jason Smith

Jason Smith, PhD, 2016

  • Researcher,


Kanika Arora

 Kanika Arora, PhD, 2015

Lincoln Groves 

 Lincoln Groves, PhD, 2015

  • National Poverty Fellow, Institute for Research on Poverty, The University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Research interests: Poverty, Social Welfare Program Evaluation, Human Capital Accumulation, Early Childhood Investments, Young, Disconnected Males
  • Fields of specialization at Maxwell: Social Welfare Policy, Public Finance
  • "While my masters program made me well-prepared to analyze economic issues, the Maxwell school taught me about scholarship and causal analysis.  As such, the world class faculty at Syracuse - and, in particular, my adviser - help me transition from a consumer to producer of rigorous academic research."
Qing Miao 

 Qing Miao, PhD, 2015

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Research interests: Energy Economics and Policy, Climate Adaptation and Hazard Mitigation, Science and Technology Policy, Public Finance
  • Fields of specialization at Maxwell: Environmental Policy, Public Finance
  • "The Maxwell School offers invaluable opportunities for doctoral students to expose themselves to an interdisciplinary environment and study the questions that they find intellectually stimulating. The faculty members are highly committed to student success and the unique mentorship system is particularly beneficial." 



 Christian Buerger, PhD, 2014

Jung Eun Kim 

 Jung Eun Kim, PhD, 2014


David Berlan 

David Berlan, PhD, 2013

  • Assistant Professor, Florida State University
  • Research interests: nonprofit/NGO management, global health and development, inter-organizational networks, organization theory and change
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Public and Nonprofit Management, International Development
  • “From the start, studying at the Maxwell School exposed me to high quality scholarship.  Members of the faculty set an example of rigorous methodology, strong theoretical grounding, intriguing topics, and policy relevance, yet still demonstrate excellence in teaching and responsiveness to students.  Fellow students in the program push and support one another in seeking to meet these standards.”
Rachel Fleishman 

Rachel Fleishman, PhD, 2013

  • Assistant Director of Global Programs, Kelley School of Business MBA program, Indiana University
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: environmental policy and development policy
  • "Maxwell was a very personalized experience. I felt a strong connection to my cohort, my advisor, and many professors. The faculty were supportive when outside circumstances delayed my dissertation defense, and I’ll be forever grateful that they pushed me to finish."

Kerri Raissian

Kerri Raissian, PhD, 2013

  • Assistant Professor of Public Policy, University of Connecticut
  • Research interests: child and family policy, family violence, and health policy
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Social policy and public finance   
  • “I loved being a graduate student at Maxwell.  The faculty, my fellow graduate students, and my connection to the CPR challenged me and helped me to develop my own research agenda.  Maxwell is especially committed to fostering a productive relationship between PhD students and their advisors.  My relationship with my advisor was and still is instrumental in helping me attain my professional goals.”


Khaldoun Abouassi

Khaldoun AbouAssi, PhD, 2012

  • Assistant Professor, American University, Department of Public Administration and Policy
  • Research interests: nonprofit theory and management, development theory and management, governance, and organizational behavior and development
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Nonprofit management; international development and comparative public administration
  • "I have come a long way from a small town in a remote area in Lebanon to the Maxwell School. It has been a long journey that I hope takes me to new prospects and a promising future. I am very grateful to the faculty members at the Maxwell School. The interactions I have had with many of them steered my work in a different direction than I originally intended - but definitely toward the better-and helped me mature as a scholar. Fellow doctoral students provided much needed support, understanding, and encouragement. The department staff were wonderful and always helpful. I have to admit: I am going to miss my days at the Maxwell School. Enjoy yours!"

Yu Jin Choi


 Yu Jin Choi, PhD, 2012

  • Assistant Professor, Ewha Women's University
  • Research Interests: public and nonprofit management, network and collaboration
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: public management, nonprofit management
  • "My experiences at Maxwell have been invaluable.  The availability of expert faculty members, the diverse body of students, and the wealth of networking and career opportunities are the superior advantages of this school."

Il Hwan Chung

Il Hwan Chung, PhD, 2012

  • Assistant Professor, Baruch College, City University of New York
  • Research interests: public budgeting and finance, education policy
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Public finance and social policy  
  • "My experiences at the Maxwell School have been and continue to be the fuel in my career.  I am very grateful to the faculty and my fellow Ph.D. students for being outstanding examples as an excellent scholar, an engaging teacher, and a supportive mentor.  The Maxwell School will provide you with life-long skills in research and teaching, and it will exceed your expectations."
Vadym Pyrozhenko 

Vadym Pyrozhenko, PhD, 2012

  • Assistant Professor of Public Administration, University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Research areas: Social knowledge and innovation, citizen participation, collaboration
  • Fields of specialization at Maxwell: Organization theory, public sector reform and democratic governance
  • "For me, Maxwell is like wine - it gets better with age. The more I grow as a professional and a person, the more I appreciate its great minds and people."


Robert Alexander

Robert W. Alexander, PhD, 2011

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science, James Madison University
  • Coordinator of Environmental Studies Minors, James Madison University
  • Co-Director, Institute for Constructive Advocacy & Dialogue, James Madison University
  • Research interests: sustainability policy; brownfield remediation and redevelopment; social network analysis; natural resource planning and management; public/private partnerships; collaborative process; policy tools and institutional management; and organizational leadership.  
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Organizational Theory; Environmental Policy; Conflict Management; Collaborative Governance 
  • “One of the greatest strengths of doctoral study at the Maxwell School that continues to impact my work today was the degree of interaction and integration with doctoral student colleagues across the social sciences and humanities.  My placement in the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) and exposure to the theoretical lenses applied by PARCC scholars in sociology, anthropology, history, and political science greatly influenced my ability to approach research from an informed, interdisciplinary perspective.”
Ryann Yeung 

Ryan Yeung, PhD, 2011

  • Assistant Professor of Urban Policy and Planing, Hunter College
  • Research interests: social policy, particularly in education and transportation policy, and public budgeting and finance
  • “I especially value the relationships I developed at Maxwell. People like Phuong Nguyen, Johnny Yinger, Ross Rubenstein and Jerry Miner I expect to speak with the rest of my life.”


Select Older Alums

Coady Wing, PhD, 2010

Larry Miller, PhD, 2009
Heather Getha-Taylor, PhD, 2007
Cynthia Searcy, PhD, 2008

Kristina Lambright, MPA, 1997, PhD, 2006

  • Chair and Associate Professor of Public Administration, Binghamton University
  • Director of Graduate Studies, Binghamton University
  • Research Areas of Interest: Alternative Service Delivery Structures, Contracting, Monitoring Social Service Delivery Systems, Organizational Performance, Campus-Based Civic Engagement, Service Learning, Engaged Scholarship.  
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Social Policy, PA Organization Theory
Anna Amirkhanyan, PhD, 2005
Yonghong Wu, PhD, 2004
Willow Jacobson, PhD, 2003
Carolyn Bourdeaux, PhD, 2003

Yilin Hou, PhD, 2002

Don Moynihan, PhD, 2002
  • Professor of Public Affairs and Associate Director, La Follette School of Public Affairs
  • Won David M. Kershaw Award
  • Research Areas of Interest: Public Administration History and Theory, Public Management Reform, Organizational Behavior, Election Administration, Citizen Participation, Performance Management, Public Budgeting, Red Tape/Administrative Burden, Crisis Response Networks, Public Service Motivation
  • Fields of Specialization at Maxwell: Public Management
Matt Andrews, PhD, 2002
Robert Bifulco, MPA, 1994, PhD, 2001
Amy Donahue, MPA, 1996, PhD, 2000
Eric W. Welch, PhD, 1997
William Duncombe, MPA, 1987, PhD, 1989
  • William Duncombe's Memory 
  • Editor, Public Budgeting & Finance
  • Research Areas of Interest: School Finance, Public Budgeting and Finance
Rosemary O'Leary, PhD, 1988 
Michael Crow, PhD, 1985
Ken Meier, MA, 1974, PhD, 1975
  • Charles H. Gregory Chair in Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University
  • Distinguished Professor of Political Science; Director, Project for Equity, Representation and Governance; Director, Cantu Hispanic Education and Opportunity Endowment; Director, Program in the Cross-National Study of Politics
  • Research Areas of Interest: electoral structure, access to political power, representation in management and bureaucratic positions, and the performance of minority students on a wide range of indicators
Larry O’Toole, MPA, PhD, 1975
Jim Perry, MPA, 1972, PhD, 1974