PhD Student Research

Maxwell Ph.D. students publish research on a range of public administration issues.  Below lists published research of some current students:


Beauchamp, E., Abdella, J., Fisher, S., McPeak, J., Patnaik, H., Koulibaly, P., ... & Deme, Y. (2019). Resilience from the ground up: how are local resilience perceptions and global frameworks alignedDisasters43, S295-S317.

Schwegman, David & Dr. Robert Bifulco (2019). Who Benefits from AccountabilityDriven School Closure? Evidence from New York CityJournal of Policy Analysis and Management (forthcoming)

Toossi, Saied & Pengju Zhang (2019). Video Gambling Adoption and Tax Revenues: Evidence from Illinois. Public Budgeting & Finance, 39(1): 67-88.



Schwegman, David (2018). Rental Market Discrimination Against Same-Sex Couples: Evidence From a Pairwise-Matched Email Correspondence Test, Housing Policy Debate

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