PhD Seminar

Each student is required to participate in the departmental research seminar each semester they are in residence. This bi-weekly seminar provides an opportunity for faculty, students and outside guests to share their research methodology and findings.

While students are expected to participate in the seminar each year, they must sign up for the seminar at least once. This is typically done during the student's second year. The formal requirements of the seminar are for the student to present a piece of original research in his or her second year. Students earn three graduate credits for each seminar.

Schedule for PhD Seminar

All talks will be in the PA conference room (209 Eggers), Thursdays from 12:20-1:50 pm (unless otherwise noted):

Schedule for PhD Seminar

Dates for Fall 2018 

Seminar Information

September 13th

Iuliia Shybalkina, one of our job market candidates, will present

 "Does Participatory Budgeting Change

Public Funding to Low Income Neighborhoods? Why or Why Not?"

September 27th 

Suyeon Jo, one of our job market candidates, will present

"Schools for Democracy? The Relationship between Nonprofit 

Volunteering and Public Participation in the Administrative


October 4th

Kerri M. Raissian is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department

of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut. She received both her

MPA (2008) and Ph.D. (2013) from Maxwell. 

October 18th

We will hear from a number of selected student planning to present at

academic conferences this year

 November 1st 

Yusun Kim, one of our job market candidates, will present "State relief

of county Medicaid burden and the spill-over effects: Evidence from

New York"

November 15th

Sarah Hamersma

November 29th 

To Be Announced

 December 6th

To Be Announced