Centers & Institutes

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs is a highly interdisciplinary environment. The facilities or the various professional and academic departments are housed in several internal research centers and institutes. All Public Administration doctoral students have a faculty advisor under the direction of whom they complete their research apprenticeship.  Depending on the area of specialty, this research most likely takes place in one of the established research centers or institutes in Maxwell.

The Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute

The Campbell Institute has led an initiative central to the values of the Maxwell School – to improve the quality of democratic governance, government organizations, and citizen participation at all levels of government.  The Institute has focused on assessing the performance of large municipal and state governments across the nation as well as selected federal agencies.

PA Faculty:

Vernon Greene (Social Science Chair)

Tina Nabatchi (*PARC)

Jesse Lecy

Julia Carboni

The Center for Environmental Policy and Administration (CEPA)

CEPA explores environmental issues through a perspective that considers technical, social and humanistic aspects of environmental matters.

PA Faculty: 

Peter Wilcoxen (Director)  

W. Henry Lambright (*Moynihan) 

John McPeak (*Moynihan)  

David Popp (*CPR)

The Center for Policy Research (CPR)

CPR conducts a broad range of empirically oriented research on major issues of public policy.  Graduate students work closely with faculty to conduct important inquiries on public policy matters.   

PA Faculty:

Robert Bifulco David Popp (*CEPA)
Sarah Hamersma Amy Schwartz
Yilin Hou John Yinger
Leonard M. Lopoo
Michah Rothbart
Kathy Michelmore   

Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs

The Institute was created to integrate and focus Maxwell's international programs, research, service and training activities in an interdisciplinary setting that promotes global awareness.  The institute supports interdisciplinary programs, including regional programs, the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean, and the European Union Center, within the Maxwell School.

PA Faculty:

Renee de Nevers

John McPeak (*CEPA)  

Rebecca Peters

Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC)

This interdisciplinary center is dedicated to the enhancement of knowledge about social conflicts; and to collaborative governance and collaborative problem solving through theory building, research, education, and practice.

PA Faculty:

Tina Nabatchi (*Campbell)

Aging Studies Institute

A collaborative initiative of the Maxwell School and the School of Sport and Human Dynamics, this center coordinates and promotes aging-related research, training, and outreach.

PA Faculty:

Doug Wolf


*Also affiliated with other centers and institutes