Normal Course Load

The department requires all Ph.D. students to maintain full-time status during each fall and spring semester from the time of entry into the program until all required coursework is completed.  The Ph.D. Committee must approve exceptions to this requirement.  In general, full-time status in a fall or spring semester is achieved by enrolling for nine credit hours of coursework (not PAI 999 Dissertation) and serving a research/teaching apprenticeship.  Once the comprehensive qualifying examinations have been passed and a student formally enters Ph.D. candidacy status, the department will no longer require full-time status. However, students who wish to be certified as full-time must provide evidence that they are making substantial progress on their dissertations and that they are not employed more than half-time (i.e. equivalent to a graduate assistantship).

For more information about criteria for full time status, see Syracuse University publication, Academic rules and regulations.