PAI 805: Advanced Seminar

Foundations of Policy Analysis and Management

This course exposes students to the foundational literature in public policy analysis and public management. The primary goal of the course is to prepare doctoral students in the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs for the qualifying exam in “Foundations in Policy Analysis and Management.” The course has three distinct sections. First, the course covers consumer theory (microeconomics) which serves as a starting point for inquiries into market failures, government failures, and cost benefit analysis. In the second section of the course, students will read criticisms of this “rational” approach to decision making, which includes findings from behavioral economics. In the third portion of the course, students turn their focus to the policy process, which includes readings on agenda setting, policy diffusion, and policy implementation. Theoretical work from microeconomics, political science, and public administration serve as the source material.

Syllabus for PAI 805: Foundations of Policy Analysis and Management