Alumni Connections

Fiercely loyal to Maxwell, public service, and each other

The 7,000-plus graduates of Maxwell's professional degree programs, located in almost 150 countries, are not only talented but kindred souls. They recognize one another's shared values and qualities.

PAIA's alumni naturally form a network, encouraged by the programming of Maxwell's Office of Alumni Relations.

That office organizes gatherings in cities around the United States and sometimes in key locations overseas. Today, though, the real action is online, centered around a LinkedIn group numbering well over 5,000 (and supplemented by other popular social media).  It's now being supplemented by SectorConnect, an implementation of LinkedIn that allows students and alumni to connect within specific career fields.

Uncountable career moves result from the LinkedIn network alone — augmented by the job-search functions of Maxwell's Office of Career Development. Each year, hundreds of alumni contact Maxwell to list job vacancies; others lead career workshops, contribute to job-search guides, host PAIA students on networking trips, and otherwise pitch in. As a result, current PAIA students have the chance to engage dozens of alumni colleagues before even their degree is earned — in cities or nations where they hope to live, or in employment sectors where they hope to work.

One of the great intangible benefits of a PAIA degree is joining this clan of fellow Maxwell graduates.