Faculty Strength

Practitioners and researchers who are also accessible, dedicated educators

Maxwell faculty members are well-respected researchers. This is true of the management- and policy-oriented faculty of PAIA. It is also  true of the research professors from across disciplines who focus upon international relations issues.

Faculty members in Public Administration and International Affairs are known for their ground-breaking research, drawing upon Maxwell's broader, multi-disciplinary makeup, and encouraged by the 10 internationally-known Research Centers and Institutes that Maxwell sponsors. The faculty who instruct core courses in the PAIA curriculum include researchers who are studying livestock management in Africa, performing analyses of public education funding for government and think tanks, running assessments of proposed new EPA policy, and researching the roles NGOs play as global forces for change — a small sample of the breadth of research being conducted at Maxwell.

Many are also senior practitioners in public administration and international affairs. The Maxwell faculty includes a former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services, the former director of the United Nations World Food Programme, a recent U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, the director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and a senior advisor to the Administrator of USAID.

As educators, our faculty members are remarkably accessible and present. Nearly all Maxwell professors are full-time appointees, who live and work in Syracuse. Professors are regularly on campus and easily accessible. This proximity makes it unavoidable to find mentors among the faculty. Professors regard students as junior colleagues, both during your studies and throughout your career.

The Maxwell faculty encompasses nearly 155 professors and educators, of those, over a third teach students of  Public Administration and International Affairs. The resulting professor-to-student ratio is high, another explanation for the accessibility and collegiality between our faculty and students.

Over the past three decades, nearly 40 Maxwell faculty members have been honored with Syracuse University's highest award for teaching and scholarship, the Chancellor's Citation. SU also recognizes teaching excellence in the annual naming of two Meredith Professors; in just 18 years, nine Maxwell teachers have received this honor.

To get a glimpse of these great educators and researchers, consult the full PAIA Faculty roster. MAIR students take courses with professors drawn from the full Maxwell Faculty. You can also learn what Awards and Honors Maxwell professors hold.

The Maxwell difference is the sum of many excellent parts. But we all recognize that at the core of our success is the talented and dedicated faculty, which draws students from around the country and the world; conducts cutting-edge research; and shapes policy debates at the local, national and international levels.