Miriam Elman

Miriam Elman

Associate Professor, Political Science, Syracuse University Maxwell School

The aim of the International and Intra-state conflict research area is to understand the origins and dynamics of international and civil conflicts, and the means by which they can be resolved. We analyze and assess the conditions that make peace durable; the sustainability of peace agreements; the external and internal dimensions of post-conflict transitions; and how destructive international and civil wars can be transformed and ameliorated via conflict resolution applications.  

Research in the program is at the crossroads of the fields of security studies and peace studies and seeks to build a bridge between these two scholarly communities. Our work is interdisciplinary, methodologically pluralist, and cross-regional in focus, with core faculty specializing in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. 

Theoretical, empirical, and policy relevant analysis informs the work of the program and we are especially interested in helping to formulate practices and policies for various actors (including governments and non-governmental organizations) to prevent, limit, and recover from destructive international and civil conflicts.