Advocacy & Activism 

Sacco and Vendetti MosaicBy organizing, strategizing, mobilizing, and educating, advocates and activists are currently helping to bring about important social, political, and cultural changes throughout the world. We define “activism” and “social movements” as collective action to exert pressure on centers of power in order to remedy grievances and felt injustices.

While this program is committed to understanding and analyzing all kinds of activism, it has a special interest in movements of populations that are socially, culturally, and economically marginalized. From migrant Latinos advocating for labor rights in the US to indigenous people mobilizing in Ecuador, from transnational movements for fair trade to low-income people right here in Syracuse organizing  to advocate for themselves, this program seeks to analyze the social forces that generate, sustain, and weaken social movements, and to grasp the impacts such movements are having on the modern world.

We have a special interest in understanding the complex relationships between grassroots actors, nongovernmental actors, and states at the local, regional, national, and transnational levels. We also have a special interest in working to deepen and enrich reflection and action at the interface between academic analysis and effective social action, through direct, institutional, and extra-institutional processes.

Labor Studies Working Group 

PARCC's Labor Studies Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of Syracuse University faculty members from African-American Studies, Anthropology, Geography, Religion, Sociology, and Writing and Rhetoric. The primary goal of the group is to institutionalize Labor Studies at SU and to elevate labor―broadly defined―as a topic of intellectual inquiry and social and political importance on campus. Learn more >>