Transforming Intractable Conflicts: Their Restructuring and Reframing Conference 

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September 23-24, 2016

Syracuse University

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the Program of the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) partnered with The Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research to hold an interdisciplinary conference.
The conference reflected on the past 25 years of conflict and conflict resolution studies across multiple disciplines and fields of study since the 1989 publication of Intractable Conflicts and their Transformation co-edited by Louis Kriesberg, Terrell A. Northrup and Stuart J. Thorson. The conference consisted of theoretical panels and panels devoted to specific case studies to explore the evolution of the field in the last quarter century.  
Here are links to some of the presentations.  The full conference schedule and links to the some of the conference papers are below.

Opening of Transforming Intractable Conflicts Conference(3)Louis Kriesberg begins the Transforming Intractable Conflicts Conference

 “FRAMING” PRESENTATION- Louis Kriesberg, Syracuse University and Galia Golan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Global Empirical Conflict Trends and Terrorism: Leveraging Data Insights into Conflict Transformation Initiatives." Corri Zoli, Syracuse University

"Unrecognized States: A Theory of Self-Determination and Foreign Influence." Kristy Buzard, Syracuse University

"Between Ripeness and Necessity: The Tipping Point for External Intervention." Timea Spitka, Hebrew University

"Global Economic Imbalances, Currency Wars and the Future of the International Monetary System." Stuart Brown, Syracuse University

"The Fractal Nature of Intractable Conflict: Implications for Sustainable Transformation." Peter Coleman and Joshua Fisher, Columbia University

"The Dynamics of Conflict Transformation Processes: Understanding Northern Ireland." Ronit Berger, Syracuse University

"Ready for Peace?: Society and Leadership in Northern Ireland during the 1990s." Nimrod Rosler, Tel Aviv University

"The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Will Economic Peace Lead to Political Settlement?" Hani Albasoos, Sultan Qaboos University

"'Only When the Spider Web Becomes Too Heavy': Youth, Unemployment and the Social Life of Waiting in Postwar and Postsocialist Bosnia-Herzegovina." Azra Hromadzic,  Syracuse University
"Structural Violence in Syracuse." Robert Rubinstein, Syracuse University; Sandra D. Lane, Syracuse University; Timothy “Noble” Jennings-Bey, Street Addiction Institute, Inc., Syracuse, NY; Arnett Haygood- El, Street Addiction Institute, Inc., Syracuse, NY

"U.S. and North Korea: A Gordian Conflict?" Stuart Thorson, Syracuse University

"Quo Vadis Iraq?" Amatzia Baram, University of Haifa

"National Dialogues as Inclusion Mechanisms of Political Transitions: Opportunities, Challenges, and Dilemmas." Çerağ Esra Çuhadar, Bilkent University

"Black Spots: Rethinking Sovereignty and the Illicit Global Economy." Margaret Hermann, Syracuse University

"From Peace Activism to Nationalistic Vigilantism: The Shifting Balance of Israeli Conflict-Related Grassroots Engagements." Tamar Hermann, The Open University of Israel and the Israel Democracy Institute

"The Role of Coercion in Collaboration." John Burdick, Syracuse University

"Intergroup Dialogue, Social Power, and Conflict Transformation." Diane Swords, Intergroup Dialogue Program, Syracuse University

"Socio-psychological Barriers to Peacemaking in Intractable Conflicts and Ways to Overcome Them." Daniel Bar-Tal, Tel Aviv University

" Velvet Transformation in South Africa: Mandela? De Klerk? Or Something Else." Mottie Tamarkin, Tel Aviv University

Here is a link to the conference program, the conference participants and the abstracts of the presentations: