Visiting Scholars

Tingting Li, Visiting Research Professor

Tingting Li is an Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Civil Aviation University of China.  She will be working in PARCC from October 2018 through October 2019 and her research interests are public dispute resolution and community development. While at PARCC she will conduct research on Public Dispute Resolution (PDR): cross-national learning and comparisons.   She can be reached by email at:   

Enxin Gao 2018Enxin Gao, Visiting Research Professor

Enxin (Eddie) Gao is an Associate Professor at the School of Public Administration, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China since January 2012.  During his stay at PARCC from August 2018 through mid-June 2019, he will focus his research primarily on the collaborative relationship between local government and emergency industries in the U.S.  Professor Gao is interested in interacting with PARCC and Maxwell faculty members and students. His research interest aims to analyze the interaction between public policy and emergency industries in the United States as an example to understand how governments may create emergency products and service market in the private sector, support and regulate this market during and after a crisis.  He can be reached via e-mail at:  


Professor Ya Li  Ya Li, Visiting Research Professor 

Ya Li is a professor at the School of Public Administration, Beihang University, Beijing, China. He also serves as the director of the Laboratory for Deliberative Policy Analysis (LDPA) and the Center for Public Dispute Resolution (CPDR), both at the same University. 

During his visit at PARCC in 2017-2018 as a visiting research professor and Fulbright Scholar, Ya Li will primarily focus his research on a specific kind of policy consulting organization, deliberative think tanks (DTT), which are designed to tackle policy dispute issues and supply policy makers or citizens with insights by using facilitated deliberation and dispute resolution methods. He intends to explore the theoretical issues of DTT, do a survey of the DTT-like American institutions, and do some on-site visits.

In recent years, Ya Li’s research focuses on deliberative policy analysis, public deliberation, public dispute resolution, and systems methodologies. Professor Li launched the very first conflict resolution research center (CRPDR) in China and the center hosted China’s first conference on public dispute resolution in 2012. The meeting has become an annual event and six sessions have been held since then. His recent books include Resolving Public Disputes Creatively (Renmin Press, 2015) and Experimental Policy Research Methodology for Interest Analysis: Theory and Application (Peking University, 2011). 

Professor Li has stayed at PARCC as a visiting scholar in 2010-2011. Before his career at Beihang University and earlier at Beijing Institute of Technology, he worked at a Chinese think tank, first as a policy analyst, then as the head of decision support team. He received a Ph.D. (management science and engineering) in 1999, M.Phil (systems engineering) in 1996, and B.S. (applied mathematics) in 1993, all from National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China.

He can be reached via e-mail at: liya2017 (at)

Professor Isidor Wallimann

Isidor Wallimann, Visiting Research Professor

Isidor Wallimann is a  Visiting Research Professor at the Maxwell School. In recent years, he has written articles for the mass media on social policy, social problems, ecology and society, social economy, and fascism.
He is the founding president of Urban Agriculture Basel and recently published Environmental Policy Is Social Policy - Social Policy Is Environmental Policy: Toward Sustainability Policy (Springer, 2013). His other publications include: Social Policy According to the Polluter Pays Principle: Examples of Application in the Field of Work, Health, Addiction, Education, and Housing (Haupt Verlag 2008), Social Policy From Another Perspective: Causal Agency and Responsibility, with Este Pineiro, (Haupt Verlag 2004), On the Edge of Scarcity: Environment, Resources, Population, Sustainability, and Conflict, edited with Michael Dobkowski. (Syracuse University Press 2002), and Avoiding Poverty through Sociocultural Integration, with Jonas Strom and Matthias Szadrowsky (Haupt Verlag 2002).

 He received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Syracuse University in 1978, his B.A. in Economics from Kansas State University in 1970, and a M.A. in Economics from Kansas State University in 1971. Isidor Walliman can be reached at:

Professor Ru Wang

 Ru Wang, Visiting Research Professor 

Ru Wang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG). She also serves as the deputy director of Government Economics Research Center at CAG. Her research focuses on Environmental Economics and Internet Economics. She is the author of Performance Index System of Local Governments in a view of Low Carbon Economy and she has also written some journal articles in these fields.

She was a visiting scholar with PARCC in 2016-2017. During her stay, she worked on her research on “Innovations in Public Participation of Green Development “with Catherine M. Gerard and some other professors. She can be reached at

Professor Dar-Yu Chao

Dar-Yu Chao, Visiting Scholar

Dr. Dar-Yu Chao, is a professor of the Department of Public Policy and Administration, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan, was a visiting scholar with PARCC in 2012-13. She is writing a book entitled Theory and Practice of Dissent Management in the Public Sector. Her research is funded by the National Science Council of Taiwan. During her visit here, she explored cooperative opportunities with PARCC colleagues and the Maxwell community.