Spring 2021 Trainings:

Interest-Based Problem Solving 

Interest-Based Problem Solving Is an approach to addressing conflict that seeks to identify and satisfy the underlying interests of all parties. This interactive workshop focuses on the basic steps of Interest-Based Problem Solving by equipping you with the tools and skills for identify-ing interests, reframing problems, and generating and deciding on mutu-ally satisfying solutions.

March 2021: Cross-Cultural Communication

This workshop will help you develop skills to foster better communication across cultural differences. It will provide you with an opportunity to reflect about the meaning of “culture,” a word often invoked but little understood, and its role in shaping our perceptions and interactions.

April 2021: Outreach & Communication Skills for Advocacy and Social Movements

 All successful movements require strong outreach, communications strategies, and implementation. This workshop will focus on building skills to effectively communicate through a range of channels, including social media, email and websites, and the mainstream media.