Dissertation Research

The Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (PARCC) supports dissertation research on conflict resolution topics through funding, the expertise of faculty associates, and other PARCC resources. 

Below are dissertation research projects supported by PARCC.

2019 Suyeon Jo
Three Essays on Participatory Governance in Public Administration

2018 Carolina Arango-Vargas
Insist, Persist, and Resist: Feminist Activism and Political Violence in Antioquia, Colombia. 

2015 Michael Beckstrand, Political Science
The Impact of Transnational Association: Civil Society – State- Intergovernmental Interactions in the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights.

2015 Anya Stanger, Social Science
Privileged Resistance: Prisoners of Conscience in the United States, 1980-2001. 

2014 Bertha Kadenyi Amisi, Political Science
People are Suffering' Noncombatant Mobilization for Peace in Africa.

2014 Dana Hill, Social Science
Opening Our Eyes: How Activist Women in Ecuador Learn Critical Political and Self-aware Consciousness.

2013 Rachel Fleishman, Public Administration
Addressing Trans-boundary Challenges Through Collaboration: How Organizations "Harmonize" Actions and Decisions Across Problem Landscapes.

2013 Alma Louise Lowry, Social Science
Achieving Justice Through Public Participation: Measuring the Effectiveness of New York's Enhanced Public Participation  Plan for Environmental Justice Communities.   

2012 Vadym Pyrozhenko, Public Administration  
Citizens' Knowledge and Public Administration: Exploring the Links in Three Social Movements.

2011 Hannah Allerdice, Political Science
The Effects of Settlement Policy on Refugee Political Activism: Sudanese Refugees in the United States and Australia

2011 Rob W. Alexander, Public Administration
Two Octopuses Making Love: An Analysis of Institutional Management Behaviors Across Four Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Project Networks in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

2011 Anthony Nocella, Social Science
A Dis-Ability Perspective on the Stigmitization of Dissent: Critical Pedagogy, Critical Criminology, and Critical Animal Studies

2011 Heather Pincock, Political Science 
“Does Deliberation Make Better Citizens? Examining the Case of Community Conflict Mediation.”

2010  Gearoid Millar, Social Science
Healing and Justice Through Truth-Telling: Local Perceptions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Sierra Leone

 2008  Tilla Sewe McAntony,  Social Science  
Public Sector Management Reforms in Africa: Analysis of Anticorruption Strategies in Kenya                                                                    

2007  George Farag, Anthropology
Diaspora and Transitional Administration: Shiite Iraqi Diaspra and the Administration of Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq         

2007 Heather Getha-Taylor, Public Administration
Specifying and Testing a Model of Collaborative Capacity: Identifying complementary competencies, incentive structures, and leadership lessons for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

2007  Lynne Celeste Hinnant, Social Science
The Trust Experience from the Truster's Perspective: A theoretical discussion and experiment  

2007  Diane R. Swords, Social Science 
Crossing the line: Democracy, Spirituality and Politics in the United States Anti-Nuclear Social Movements       

2006  Suzanne Elizabeth Morrissey, Anthropology
Life strategies: Motherhood, urban poverty, and the WIC program in Syracuse, New York          

2006  Svetlana Peshkova, Anthropology
Otincharlar in the Ferghana Valley: Islam, Gender and Power

2005  Brian Booth Blancke, Social Science 
Rebuilding the longhouse: Obstacles to and opportunities for settling the Cayuga Indian Nation land claim through negotiation                

2005  Loretta Kuliawat Denhart, Social Science 
Helping new neighbors: Resettlement workers' construction of refugee identity  

 2005  Kerry Fosher, Anthropology
"I'm just thinking out loud here": Making United States homeland security at the local level      

2005  Rachel Miriam Goldberg, Social Science 
How our values shape our practices: Exploding the myth of neutrality                  

2005  Marie Pace, Social Science
The Compassionate Listening Project: A case study in citizen diplomacy and peacemaking         

 2004  Tiffany Brown, Child and Family Studies 
Racial and Ethnic Socialization in African American Families: Scale development and validation 

2004  Cerag Esra Cuhadar, International Relations 
Evaluating track-two diplomacy in pre-negotiation: A comparative assessment of track-two initiatives on water and Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict           

2004   Tamara Shevaun Steger Social Science
Environmentalism and Democracy in Hungary and Latvia

2003  Rodney Devi Cunningham, Political Science  
Civil society and development in Nigeria: An exploratory study of student attitudes and perceptions

 2003   Amy Rebecca Gay, Social Science
Neither judge nor jury: Norms and the role of mediators in court-referred mediations   

 2003   Michael Stephen Messina-Yauchzy, Social Science                                 
Engendering outrage: Women and men in campus anti-rape organizing

2003  Anna Ohanyan, Political Science
Winning Global Policies: The Network-Based Operation of Microfinance NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1996-2002

 2002  Lawrence Albert Dunn, Social Science                                            
Negotiating cultural identities: Conflict transformation in Labrador                    

2002  Krisan L. Evenson, Political Science                                                      
Sources of Canadian political values: A comparison of teacher and student cohorts, socialization agents and province differences 

 2002  Christos N. Kyrou, Environmental Studies
Perception of risk and conflict intensity in an environmental conflict: a case study of wolf restoration in northern New Hampshire         

2002   Donghee Yoo, Social Science
Media, culture, and the transformation of the protracted inter-Korean conflict

2001  Cornelius Funk-Unrau, Social Science  
If the Lubicon lose we all lose: A case study of interchurch advocacy and intervention in an Aboriginal land rights conflict                       

2001  Timothy Karl Hedeen, Social Science
The influence of referral source coerciveness on mediation participation and outcomes

2001  David Charles Lobb, History
An ivory tower of fear: Academics of the racist right      

2001  Ann Marie Marshall,  Social Science
Organizing across the divide: Everyday life, feminist activism, and the election of women to public office

 2001  Janet Helene Zinn, Social Science 
Pro-choice work under siege: Politicization, mobilization and commitment in three urban communities  

2000   Neal Alan Carter, Political Science                                                     
Ethnoterritorial justice: A pragmatic analysis of arguments linking social identities to constitutional reform in Belgium and Canada 

2000  Robin L. Riley, Social Science  
Hidden soldiers: Gender, militarism, and the discourse of defense

2000  Yamuna Sangarasivam, Anthropology                                
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the cultural production of nationalism and violence: Representing the integrity of nation and the choice for armed struggle     

2000  Jessica Joy Senehi, Social Science
Constructive Storytelling: Building Community, Building Peace                           

1999  Bruce Winfield Dayton, Political Science
In Between Science and Decision:  A Study of Policy Frames and the Global Climate Discourse   

1998  John T. Crist, Social Science 
An ordered anarchy: Mobilization for civil disobedience in Bengal and Bombay, 1929-1934       

1998   Anna Christine Snyder, Social Science                                   
Conflict and consensus-building at the fourth UN World Conference on Women: A study of international nongovernmental cooperation

1997  Anna M. Agathangelou, Political Science
The Cypriot "ethnic" conflict in the Production of Global Power

1997   Marie Catherine Agen, Social Science 
Rights and respect: A study of the competing concerns of Alliance Quebec and the Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montreal                   

1997   Patrick Glenn Coy,  Social Science
Protecting human rights: The dynamics of international nonviolent  accompaniment by Peace Brigades International in Sri Lanka                                                  

1997   Margaret M. Riordan, Social Science
Keeping the candle lit: The ethic of just care in the context of Catholic peace and justice activism

 1996  Michael Barry Bowler, Social Science               
Participation and dynamics in the programs of a nongovernmental  organization in a Bangladesh village         

1996  Van Jon Cleary-Hammarstedt, Social Science 
"Traitors to a masculine cause:" The belief system and conflicts of the pro-feminist, gay-affirmative men's movement in the United States, 1985-1990

 1996   Bhavna Dave, Political Science
Politics of language revival: National Identity and State Building in Kazakhstan   

 1996   Terrence Robert Guay, Political Science                                                 
The European Union and integration theories: The case of Europe's defense industry     

1996  Bonnie M. Winfield, Social Science  
Creating a place to call home: Administrators' and women homeowners' perspectives on an urban home-ownership program   

 1995  Zoltan Joseph Bedy, Social Science  
Couch potatoes and the indifferent electorate: Television viewing, voting, and responsible citizenship   

1995  Nalani Meulilatha Hennayake, Geography 
Competing discourses of development in post-colonial Sri Lanka:  Cultural and political negotiation of the vernacular and universal                                                  

1995   Constance Catherine Joseph, Social Science                                  
Older Jewish women: The use of accounts in creating and sustaining the self    

1995   Byeong-chul Park, Sociology
Motivational dynamics of student movement participation in contemporary South Korea           

1995    Lynne Woehrle, Social Science
The staff of life: Women baking for social change:  An ethnography of the Basic Kneads Wholegrain Bakery    

1994  Cheryl Lee Carpenter, Sociology
The social production of Fresh Air Charity Work, 1870-1930                                

1994  Martha Frances Lee, Political Science                                                      
Environmental apocalypse: A case study of 'Earth First!' 

1994   Brain Douglas Polkinghorn, Social Science
The influence of regulatory negotiations on EPA as an institution                         

1994  Brenda Kay Uekert, Sociology
Rivers of blood: A comparative study of government massacres                         

1993  Anne Norinne Bates, Sociology
The Sociology of Auguste Rodin 

1993  James John Gerard Byrne,  International Relations  
Conflict, complexity and children; integrated education in a segregated society: Northern Ireland, a case study         

1993   Kimberly A. Chang, Social Science
 Culture, power, and morality: Moral voices of Chinese students

1993   Celia B. Cooke-Huffman, Social Science
Social identity in intra and intergroup conflict: A study of the interaction of social identity, conflict and gender in a local church group    

1993  Richard W. Coughlin, Political Science  
Power, pluralism and culture: Reinterpreting development in Mexico                

1993   Amit Mukherjee, Political Science                                                     
International protection of journalists: Practice and prospects                            

1993   James Forrest Rinehart, Political Science                         
Revolution and the millennium: A comparative, historical, and analytical study of the functions of millenarianism in the Chinese, Mexican, and Iranian revolutions             

1993   William Carlton Warters, Social Science
Challenged to change: Perspectives of abusive men involved in wife abuse prevention programs           

1992  Saleh M. Al-Namlah, International Relations                                           
Political legitimacy in Libya since 1969: A Weberian perspective                        

1992   Verna Marie Cavey, Social Science
Fighting among Friends: The Quaker Separation of 1827 as a study in conflict resolution

1992   Douglas Foster Challenger, Sociology 
The moral foundations of society: A study of Aristotle's and Durkheim's conceptions of social science   

1992   Feng Chen, Political Science
Ideology and economic pragmatism under state socialism: Redefining the ownership system in China, 1978-1990         

1992   Thomas Jay D'Agostino, Political Science                                                 
The evolution of an emerging political party system:  A study of party politics in the Dominican Republic, 1961-1990 

1992   Nora Amalia Femenia, Social Science                                           
National self-images, enemy-images and conflict strategies in the 1982 Falkland/Malvinas War           

1992   Ting Gong, Political Science      
The politics of corruption in contemporary China:  A structurationist analysis    

1992   Amy S. Hubbard, Social Science 
Cross-cultural conflict resolution groups: American Palestinians and Jews in dialogue on the Middle East 

1992  Rachel A. Kelly, Social Science 
Cultural Determinants of Agression                                    

1992  Gina Petonito, Sociology            
Constructing the enemy: Justifying Japanese internment during World War II    

1992  Christine Cecilia Wagner, Social Science                                         
Rediscovering Memorial Day: Politics, patriotism and gender                             

1991  Labite Adzereke Kittisou, Political Science
Issues management and decision-making: A comparative study of France's and the U.S.'s military interventions         

1991  Rosemary Averell Manes, Social Science                                            
The 'Pieds-noirs': A case study in the persistence of subcultural distinctiveness 

1990  Thomas Knight Adams, Political Science                                   
Military doctrine and the organization culture of the United States Army          

1990   Ali Hasan Al-Tawati, Social Science 
Saudi agricultural policy from a rural and regional perspective                          

1990   John Richard Kendrick, Jr., Social Science 
Patterns of participation and processes of recruitment in the peace movement

1989   Sankaran Krishna, International Relations  
The state, autonomy and foreign policy: An analysis of India, 1947-1987            

1989   Ronald George Shaiko, Political Science
The public interest dilemma: Organizational maintenance and political representation in the public interest sector         

1989   Gerard Toal, Geography
Critical geopolitics: The social construction of space and place in the practice of statecraft        

1988  Rajendraprasad B. Dave, Social Science
From ecocrisis to ecodevelopment: Micro-level environmental movements in India

1988   David Carter List, Social Science 
We never forget': IWW support for Finnish draft resisters on the Minnesota Iron Range during World War I    

1988   Jerome Denis O'Callaghan, Political Science                                 
DWI sentencing and public opinion: A comparison of commission-plan and elected judges         

1988  Rosemary O'Leary, Public Administration     
The impact of federal court decisions on the policies and administration of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

1988  Raymond Arthur Whiting, Social Science                        
The use of mediation as a dispute settlement tool: An historical review and scientific examination of the role and process of mediation 

1987  Gautam Kumar Basu, International Relations                                         
The state, development and military interventions: Politico-economic relationships in the Third World  

1987   Harry William Murray, Sociology
Isaiah's Fast: The Practice of Hospitality in the Catholic Worker Movement

1987   Terrell Anne Northrup, Social Science                                         
Women's and men's conceptions of war, peace, and security: The relationship between sex, sex-role identification and war/peace attitudes                                                   

1987   Phillip Roy Nowicki, Social Science
Regulating and resolving new car warranty problems and disputes: An analysis of lemon laws, FTC Rule 703 and alternative dispute resolution                                           

1978  Catherine Gladys Valentine, Sociology
Art for Whose Sake?: The Sociology of a Community Art Museum