Opportunities Available through PARCC

PARCC Events including guest speakers and the PARCC Labor Studies Symposiums, plus our weekly Conversations in Conflict Studies Series and the latest PARCC News.

Conflict Management Center (CMC) Training Sessions provide theory-based content and practice-proven skills, providing participants with both a foundation and a springboard for building both personal and professional capacities in conflict transformation and group facilitation.

Conflict Management Center (CMC) Outreach offers training and workshops in conjunction with University and community organizations.

PARCC Faculty Research is divided into four areas: Advocacy and Activism, Collaborative Governance, Environmental Conflict & Collaboration, and International and Intra-State Conflict.  Each research area has pages that are dedicated to current research projects, the most recent publications, and a list of faculty members associated with each area.

PARCC Publications - PARCC funds and facilitates original research and publications by its faculty research associates, as well as scholars from outside the program. 

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