PARCC LogoPARCC now offers the Fundamentals in Conflict Studies Course online.

Fundamentals of Conflict Studies is the one required course for the Certificate of Advanced Study in Conflict and Collaboration from the Syracuse University Maxwell School. It is the regular 3-credit course taught in an online format.  The only requirement is that students must be able to open, send, and produce word documents (word, PDF….), use applications such as Adobe Connect and Skype, open and view Powerpoint presentations, and watch media of various kinds.  Each week, students will be asked to complete a variety of readings and most weeks, students will also watch a video of about an hour’s length and review a “lecture”—usually in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Students then respond to the readings/films/lecture through participating in our course discussion board. Here is a link to the course syllabus.  

The graduate Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Conflict and Collaboration is a 12-credit educational program that allows students to engage in more in-depth study of conflict theory, concepts, and skills. To earn the certificate, students complete a required 3-credit course in the Fundamentals of Conflict Studies, which is now offered online and 9 additional credits of graduate coursework. The current tuition rate is $1,620 per credit.  Learn more about the CAS in Conflict and Collaboration here. 

The PARCC Summer Institute for Creative Collaboration and Conflict Resolution is a series of workshop-style courses designed to enable participants to manage disputes and differences collaboratively in both professional and personal settings. The Institute draws on the highly regarded faculty of Syracuse University’s Maxwell School and noted practitioners who specialize in state-of-the-art theory, research, and practice in the processes of constructively managing disputes.  Learn more about our Summer Institute Courses here. 

Online Fundamentals in Conflict Studies + 3 one-week PARCC Summer Institute courses = Certificate of Advanced Study in Conflict and Collaboration