Angel Saz-Carranza

Angel Saz Carranza

Associate Professor, Department of Strategy and General Management in ESADE, Ramon Llull University and Director, Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Angel Saz-Carranza is co-author with Albert Serra of the case “Managing a Public-Private Joint Venture: The PTB Case” was a winner in 2009 E-PARCC Competition. This case focuses on the interaction between private and public sides of the partnership and on the difficulties which can arise when collaborating across sectors. What happens when a regional savings bank and local government partner to stimulate and foster economic activities and initiatives? 

Angel Saz-Carranza (Barcelona, 1976) is Director of ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics in addition to being Associate Professor of the Department of Strategy and General Management. He earned a PhD in Public Management from ESADE as a Visiting Scholar at Wagner School of Public Service (New York University) where he spent three years. Previously he earned a Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College (University of London). A beneficiary of La Caixa and Fulbright scholarships, his research has been published, among others, in the Journal of Public Administration and Theory and Public Administration Review. His interests are business-government relations, intergovernmental organizations, and organizational networks.