Glen and Alice Wright 200

Glendal and Alice Wright

Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright are co-sponsors of the Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development, a new competition for cases in Development in Transition and Conflict Societies: Effective Use of Collaborative Methods in International Development

Glendal Wright has over twenty-five years of experience in support of democracy and governance projects in the transition and post conflict countries of Central and Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. These projects were directed toward delivering technical assistance and training in public administration reform, central and local budget and finance methods and local government services. He has worked in over twenty-five countries in these regions for the major multilateral and bilateral development organizations, such as UNDP, WB, ADB, USAID, and DFID, among other donor organizations.  

He has written extensively on these subjects and is author of first textbook on western concepts of public administration that was translated into Ukrainian and Russian. He co-editor the first public finance textbook, Public Finance: Theory and Practice in the Central European Transition, for schools of public administration in Central and Eastern Europe that has been translated into Czech-Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, and Hungarian. He also co-edited Public Management in the Central and Eastern European Transition: Concepts and Cases, a textbook on public management in Central and Eastern Europe. In these texts he introduced the use of case studies as a teaching and learning method. He taught at the School of Public Administration and University of Economics in Budapest, Hungary, as well as the Academy of Public Administration in Kiev, Ukraine. He developed a Master of Public Administration program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  

Mr. Wright has specialized experience in public financial management and the development of fiscal decentralization systems in transition countries, including Kosovo, Tajikistan, Slovak Republic, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Moldova and Ukraine.   In these positions he provided technical support to Ministries of Finance and other ministries dealing with public finance issues and budgeting processes. His most recent publication dealing with fiscal decentralization is New Rules for Implementation of Fiscal Decentralization that was published in the International Institute of Administrative Sciences e-journal Developments in Administration, Second Volume, 2017 and presented at the International Public Policy Association 3rd International Conference on Public Policy, Singapore, June 2017.  

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri State University, 1968, and Master of Public Administration degree from Maxwell School, Syracuse University, 1972.


"We are very proud to support the E-PARCC program in its case study competition with a focus on identifying examples of innovative methods in public management and service delivery in transition and post conflict countries. These case studies will provide practitioners and researchers with new insights and knowledge of how to meet the challenges they face in supporting the critical needs of the populations in these areas."