Indu Perepu

Indu Perepu

Center for Management Research, IBS Hyderabad 

Indu Perepu is co-author with K.B.S. Kumar of the case "David Green- Delivering Quality Eyecare in the Developing Countries through Collaborative Systems”, which won the ‘Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development’. The topic for the competition was Development in Transition and Conflict Societies: Effective Use of Collaborative Methods in International Development. The winning case is about David Green, a social entrepreneur who revolutionized eye care, by providing low-cost Intraocular Lenses to the poor, in the process, creating a ripple effect on corporate medical equipment manufacturers, governments, and regulators of various countries.

Indu is an acclaimed award-winning author recognized by global institutions of repute like oikos Foundation, John Molson School of Business, The Case Center etc. She has written extensively on subjects like Microfinance, Bottom of the Pyramid consumers, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, and Social Initiatives to name a few. Indu heads a unit of Center for Management Research, IBS Hyderabad. 

Numerous Cases authored by her featured in international management textbooks of repute like Exploring Corporate Strategy and Operations Management: An International Perspective published by houses like Prentice Hall, Sengage, John Wiley and Sons, Pearson, McGrawHill etc. Her cases regularly feature on the Best-Selling the Classic Cases lists.

Indu’s brings along experience from a wide array of industries including logistics, Banking and Financial services, and consultancy.
As an executive development facilitator, she rolled out several participant-centric learning processes through ideation, content creation and training. She provided advisory and technical assistance to “Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration” in 2011. The awards recognize and acknowledge innovative, scalable and replicable initiatives in addressing social and economic issues.