Jeff Loux

Jeff Loux

Town Manager for the Town of Truckee and former Department Chair, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis

Jeff Loux is the author of the E-PARCC simulations “Collaborative Solutions to Transportation, Land Use and Community Design Issues: The City of Chance and Lucky Highway 13” and “Restoration of the Wic Wac Valley” which won honorable mentions at the Best Teaching Simulation Competition in 2007. In the “Collaborative Solutions” simulation, students use collaborative problem solving to achieve consensus among diverse stakeholders for a local development project within a complex organizational environment. In “Restoration of the Wic Wac Valley,” students develop negotiation skills as a representative of a stakeholder organization to address economic and environmental issues in the Wic Wac Valley. 

Jeff Loux, Ph.D. is currently serving as the Town Manager for the Town of Truckee. He began his tenure in Truckee as the Town’s Community Development Director.  Prior to that for nearly twenty years he was a Department Chair, Associate Dean and Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis.  He has worked in the public, private and academic sectors for 35 years addressing environmental and water policy, sustainable planning, and dispute resolution projects. As an academic, he directed a professional environmental and planning education program that offers 140 classes, conferences and training sessions for 4,000 professionals annually. Jeff has lectured extensively and conducted research nationally and internationally, and is author of numerous publications including two books, Water and Land Use (2004) and The Open Space and Land Conservation Handbook (2011) and “Stakeholder Collaboration,” a chapter in the Cambridge University Press book, Water Resources Management (2011). Dr. Loux is the 2013 recipient of the prestigious James H. Meyer Distinguished Achievement award at UC Davis.