K.B.S. Kumar

K.B.S. Kumar

Ph.D. in Psychology focusing in Emotional Intelligence 

K.B.S. Kumar is co-author with Indu Perepu of the case "David Green- Delivering Quality Eyecare in the Developing Countries through Collaborative Systems”, which won the ‘Glendal E. and Alice D. Wright Prize Fund for Conflict and Collaboration Case Studies in International Development’. The topic for the competition was Development in Transition and Conflict Societies: Effective Use of Collaborative Methods in International Development. The winning case is about David Green, a social entrepreneur who revolutionized eye care, by providing low-cost Intraocular Lenses to the poor, in the process, creating a ripple effect on corporate medical equipment manufacturers, governments, and regulators of various countries.

K.B.S.Kumar is a psychologist by training has his doctorate in emotional intelligence. His other research interests include leadership, social entrepreneurship, and Innovation as strategy. 

Kumar has authored books on Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship and he has contributed to numerous academic publications around the domains of emotional intelligence, and organizational behavior. He has authored several management case studies with a focus of social as well as business entrepreneurs. 

A management teacher for over 15 years, Kumar believes in Socratic technique and case-based learning as effective approaches to impart learning successfully. He has taught the subjects like Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Leadership development, Change to name a few.
As a behavioral interventionist he was associated with Learning functions of organization of global repute like UBS, Cognizant etc.