Noam Ebner

Noam Ebner

Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, at Creighton University’s Graduate School 

Several of Noam's simulations have been recognized in EPARCC competitions. He has won first place awards for Best Teaching Simulation in 2011 for “Little Golano” (coauthored with Yael Efron), in 2014  for “FlashPoint: Syria 2014,” (with Yael Efron and Nellie Munin), in 2017 for "Debola: A Prisoner's Dilemma Simulation-Game for NGOs," and again in 2018 for "Model EU-European Council-European Agenda on Migration" (with Alexandru Balas, Andreas Kotelis, and the EU Delegation to the UN). Another simulation, “Converging!” (co-authored with Yael Efron) received honorable mention in the 2007 Best Teaching Simulation competition. 

Noam Ebner is a professor of negotiation and conflict resolution in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, at Creighton University’s Graduate School.  Originally from New York, Noam has lived in Israel for many years, dividing his time between his home in Jerusalem, and his teaching, training and consulting activities in the U.S and abroad. He currently resides outside of Jacksonville, Florida.
Before joining the faculty at Creighton, Noam had over a dozen years of experience teaching at universities around the world – in Israel, Turkey, Costa Rica and elsewhere. One of the first educators to promote and develop online teaching in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution, he chaired Creighton’s Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program’s online graduate degree program for many years, teaching dozens of courses online, and spearheading the program’s curricular and pedagogical development. Noam has consulted to programs and universities with regards to online learning, and he has coached dozens of negotiation and conflict teachers, from all over the world, in their transition to online teaching.  He designed and taught a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on negotiation, with over 2000 students enrolling from 87 countries.
Noam has practiced as an attorney, negotiator, and mediator at his own Jerusalem-based firm. He has trained mediators for the Israeli court system and has played key roles in a number of community mediation programs. He has conducted hundreds of workshops on negotiation and conflict resolution for a broad range of private sector industries, governmental agencies, NGOs, universities and non-profits around the world.  
Noam has authored many articles and book chapters on his research interests of negotiation pedagogy, trust and its role in dispute resolution, and negotiation and mediation processes conducted online, which are available for reading.