Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) of Madison County Case Study 

By  Trent Engbers of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University
and Kristin Bishay, Monroe County Court Appointed Special Advocates Inc.


Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) of Madison County is a case study that examines the conflict surrounding a nonprofit organization that attempts to separate into two independent agencies.  The case is divided into three sections. Section one provides an introduction to the case and a summary of the relevant actors and the problems that they face.  Section two examines the negotiation and the obstacles to a successful transition.  Section three shows how the culture of the organizations effected the separation and provides a summary of the conclusions reached by the negotiators.  All three sections feature multiple actors including private sector supporters, private accountants, public officials, and nonprofit managers to demonstrate the importance of collaboration among stakeholders in nonprofit sector negotiations.  


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