Education in Adlabad

By Tina Nabatchi 
Maxwell School, Syracuse University 


This simulation requires actors from five organizations to come together and negotiate plans for the redevelopment of education in the fictitious country of Adlabad.  It can be used in a broad range of courses, including but not limited to public administration, public policy, political science, conflict resolution, collaboration, and international relations, among others.  In terms of conflict and collaboration, it can be used to help students identify positions and interests, understand the role of values in conflict situations, and develop skills and capacities in conflict analysis and resolution, negotiation, facilitation, and collaboration.  For other disciplinary/substantive areas, it allows students to experience how the tensions between public administration and democracy manifest in the context of international policy making and public administration.

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Additional Readings:

Education Action Plan (pdf)

Policy for the Rehabilitation and Development of Education in Adlabad (pdf)