Russian Interview Omitted Question

Eurasia  Expert, a Russian news agency website, emailed Louis Kriesberg inviting him to respond to questions that would be posted on the website.  The questions and answers would be posted in Russian and English.  This was done once before, in September 2018.  This time, 6 questions were sent and were answered.  However, the first question was omitted and does not appear, neither in Russian nor English, on the website.

The first question and Kriesberg’s response appears below, after the #1 question further information on follow-up is provided.

1.   In the United States published a report by Special Prosecutor Muller "on Russia's interference in the American elections." It was found that the Russian Federation allegedly interfered in the presidential elections in this country in 2016, but members of the election headquarters of Donald Trump did not enter into an agreement with the Russian government. What is your opinion on this report?

I will try to briefly respond to your interestingly-phrased questions.  The Robert Mueller-led investigation was carefully conducted about two matters: (1) Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 presidential election and possible conspiracy of Donald J. Trump’s campaign team with that interference, and (2) possible obstruction of that investigation by Donald J. Trump. The report confirms earlier accounts of White House chaos and sometimes bizarre presidential conduct.  It confirms extensive, covert interference in the 2016 election by Russians, as indicated by the 2018 indictments of 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian entities.

Clearly, various Russian operations were undertaken to disrupt the American election by harming the campaign of Hillary Clinton directly and by aiding Trump’s campaign.  Emails relating to Clinton’s campaign were hacked and released at opportune times that would damage Clinton.  Trump and some members of his campaign knew about and welcomed these actions and reciprocated with gestures such as taking out the plank condemning the Russian actions in the Crimea from the Republican Party election platform. The Mueller report, nevertheless, did not regard these actions to be outright conspiracy.

Trump clearly tried to interfere and block the investigation.  He succeeded in some degree, but failed to do so entirely due to some people who refused to comply with his directives.

I think the information in the reports indicates that Trump committed impeachable offences, although Mueller did not believe he could indict a sitting president according to Department of Justice policy.  Moreover, under present political circumstances, it may not be possible that the Senate would concur and expel the president from office.

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