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 New book published by Neil Katz recently released.  Neil Katz, John W. Lawyer, Katherine Sosa, Marcia Sweedler, Peter Tokar.  Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills, 3rd edition.  (Kendall Hunt Feb. 2020).

 New book published by PARCC Faculty.   Overcoming Intractable Conflicts: New Approaches to Constructive Transformation, (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019) edited by Miriam Elman, Catherine Gerard, Galia Golan, and Louis Kriesberg, brings together work from Syracuse University faculty, guests, and a broad group of scholars from Israeli universities. It is an update of Intractable Conflicts and their Transformation (Kriesberg, Thorson, and Northrup, 1989) to include more disciplines. Receive a 30% discount if you enter the code RLINEW19 at the checkout when you order from
Better or Worse Book Cover 2018Conflict and Collaboration: For Better or Worse (Routledge, May 2018) - Edited by Catherine Gerard and Louis Kriesberg.  Scholars from various academic disciplines join together to examine the overlapping domains of conflict and collaboration studies.  This book claims that conflict and collaboration can be good, bad, or benign.   
Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively book

Perspectives in Waging Conflicts Constructively: Cases, Concepts, and Practice (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017) - Edited by Bruce W. Dayton and Louis Kriesberg.  This book explores how large-scale conflicts can be waged more constructively.  An introduction presents key concepts in positive conflict resolution, and chapters from esteemed contributors illustrate these theories in action, with cases ranging from Israel to North Korea.  The book offers diverse perspectives and concrete ideas for positive change.      

Eating Drinking Surviving Book

Eating, Drinking: Surviving The International Year of Global Understanding - IYGU (Springer Briefs in Global Understanding, 2016) -  Editors: Peter Jackson, Walter E.L. Spiess, Farhana Sultana. This publication addresses the global challenges of food and water security in a rapidly changing and complex world. The essays highlight the links between bio-physical and socio-cultural processes, making connections between local and global scales, and focusing on the everyday practices of eating and drinking, essential for human survival.  

Kriesberg Pioneer in Peace bookLouis Kriesberg: Pioneer in Peace and Constructive Conflict Resolution Studies Series: Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice, Vol. 1 (Springer, 2016) - Author: Louis Kriesberg.  On the occasion of his 90th birthday Louis Kriesberg provides an informative account of his career, tracing the trajectory of his discoveries, contributions, and stumbles as he sought to help the advance toward a more sustainable and just peace in the world. 
Constructive Conflicts Fifth Edition book

Constructive Conflicts: From Escalation to Resolution (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2016)- Edited by Louis Kriesberg and Bruce Dayton. Constructive Conflicts provides a framework for analyzing social conflicts of all kinds, with emphasis on how conflicts can lead to positive change. It introduces key principles, examines the many factors that cause social conflicts to move more or less constructively through a series of stages, and  pays increased attention to the significant role of social movements and non-governmental organizations as conflict actors. 

Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy book Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy (Jossey-Bass, 2015) - Authors: Tina Nabatchi and Matt Leighninger. This book explores the theory and practice of public participation in decision-making and problem-solving. It examines how public participation developed over time and explores the use of participation in various arenas.  It offers a practical framework for thinking about how to engage citizens effectively, and clear explanations of participation scenarios, tactics, and designs. Finally, the book provides a sensible approach for reshaping our participation infrastructure to meet the needs of public officials and citizens.
Realizing Peace Book

Realizing Peace: A Constructive Conflict Approach (Oxford University Press, 2015) - This new book by author Louis Kriesberg provides a long-term perspective for current foreign conflicts from 1945 to the present.  It examines both American governmental and non-governmental foreign engagements and presents and applies a well-grounded approach to assessing strategies to wage, intervene in, and mediate large-scale conflicts.  It proposes alternative strategies for conducting, mediating, and intervening in foreign conflicts


Jerusalem Conflict and Cooperation in a Contested City BookJerusalem: Conflict and Cooperation in a Contested City (Syracuse University Press, 2014) - Jerusalem is one of the most contested urban spaces in the world. It is a multicultural city, but one that is unlike other multiethnic cities such as London, Toronto, Paris, or New York. This book brings together scholars from across the social sciences and the humanities to consider how different disciplinary theories and methods contribute to the study of conflict and cooperation in modern Jerusalem. Several essays in the book center on political decisionmaking; others focus on local and social issues. While Jerusalem’s centrality to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is explored, the chapters also cover issues that are unevenly explored in recent studies of the city. These include Jerusalem’s diverse communities of secular and orthodox Jewry and Christian Palestinians; religious and political tourism and the "heritage managers" of Jerusalem; the Israeli and Palestinian LGBT community and its experiences in Jerusalem; and visual and textual perspectives on Jerusalem, particularly in architecture and poetry. Adelman and Elman argue that Jerusalem is not solely a place of contention and violence, and that it should be seen as a physical and demographic reality that must function for all its communities.

Democracy and Conflict Resolution book Democracy and Conflict Resolution: The Dilemmas of Israel’s Peacemaking (Syracuse University Press, 2013) - Miriam Fendius Elman’s new book, co-edited with Oded Haklai and Hendrik Spruyt, considers the understudied impact of domestic factors on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Using the contested theory of "democratic peace" as a foundational framework, contributors explore the effects of a variety of internal influences on Israeli government practices related to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking: electoral systems; political parties; identity; leadership; and social movements. Most strikingly, Democracy and Conflict Resolution explores the possibility that features of democracy inhibit resolution to the conflict, a possibility that resonates far outside the contested region. In reflecting on how domestic political configurations matter in a practical sense, this book offers policy-relevant and timely suggestions for advancing Israel’s capacity to pursue effective peacemaking policies.

Environmental Policy Is Social Policy book Environmental Policy Is Social Policy – Social Policy Is Environmental Policy: Toward Sustainability Policy (Springer, 2013) - Isidor Wallimann has published an edited volume which argues that, if sustainability is our goal, social and environmental policy must be treated as one and the same field. Drawing examples from agriculture, nutrition, forestry, urban planning, care work, tourism, and university management, the book aims to increase the awareness that environmental policy has social policy outcomes and is of direct relevance to social policy. Its trans-disciplinary perspective lays a foundation for reorganizing and merging social and environmental policy administrations, and will help professionals and students appreciate the centrality of trans-disciplinary thought and practice in working toward sustainability. Wallimann is a Visiting Research Professor with PARCC at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. He is based in Basel, Switzerland, where he serves as president of the Social Economy Network Cooperative and of the Urban Agriculture Basel Network Association.


Democracy in Motion book Democracy in Motion: Evaluating the Practice and Impact of Deliberative Civic Engagement (Oxford Univ. Press, 2012) - Tina Nabatchi has published an edited volume with John Gastil, G. Michael Weiksner, and Matt Leighninger, addressing the big questions of deliberative civic engagement. Although the field of deliberative civic engagement is growing rapidly around the world, our knowledge and understanding of its practice and impacts remain highly fragmented. Democracy in Motion represents the first comprehensive attempt to assess the practice and impact of deliberative civic engagement. The volume is organized in a series of chapters that use theory, research, and practice from around the world to explore what we know, how we know it, and what remains to be understood. More than a simple summary of research, the book is designed to be accessible and useful to a wide variety of audiences, from scholars and practitioners working in numerous disciplines and fields, to public officials, activists, and average citizens who are seeking to utilize deliberative civic engagement in their communities. The book significantly enhances current scholarship, serving as a guide to existing research and identifying useful future research. It also has promise for enhancing practice, for example by helping practitioners, public officials, and others better think through and articulate issues of design and outcomes, thus enabling them to garner more support for public deliberation activities. In addition, by identifying what remains to be learned about public deliberation, practitioners and public officials may be inspired to connect with scholars to conduct research and evaluations of their efforts. 


A Place We Call Home bookA Place We Call Home: Gender, Race, and Justice in Syracuse (Syracuse Studies on Peace and Conflict Resolution, SU Press, 2012). K. Animashaun Ducre, Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Syracuse University, has published a book focused on women living on Syracuse’s Southside, a predominantly African-American and low-income area, who took photographs of their environment to facilitate dialogues about how they viewed their community. A Place We Call Home chronicles this photography project and bears witness not only to the environmental injustice experienced by these women but also to the ways in which they maintain dignity and restore order in a community where they have traditionally had little control. Through a cogent combination of words and images, the book illuminates how these women manage their daily survival in degraded environments, the tools that they deploy to do so, and how they act as agents of change to transform their communities. Syracuse University Press’s Peace and Confict Resolution series is edited by Robert Rubinstein.


Spoilers of Peace and the Dilemmas of Conflict Resolution"Spoilers of Peace and the Dilemmas of Conflict Resolution" - This joint publication, edited by Prof. Miriam F. Elman and Dr. Nimrod Goren, was produced through a partnership between Mitvim and the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration at Syracuse University. It is based on a workshop conducted on July 23, 2012, in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv, and includes contributions by Prof. Miriam F. Elman, Attorney Gilead Sher, and Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal. 


“Nonpartisanship, Interventionism and Legality in Accompaniment: Comparative Analyses of Peace Brigades International, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and the International Solidarity Movement,” in The International Journal of Human Rights, 2012 (vol. 6, no. 7), p. 963-981-  This article was published by PARCC Alum Patrick Coy, who is Professor and Director of the Center for Applied Conflict Management at Kent State.


Watershed Community Connections Final Report Watershed Community Connections Final Report (Prepared by Onondaga Environmental Institute and the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration, September 2012). In June 2012, the Onondaga Lake Partnership and the Onondaga Lake Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Trustee Council hosted a collaborative community outreach effort called Watershed Community Connections. The event was emceed by PARCC Faculty Research Associate Tina Nabatchi and Meredith Perreault, Project Manager at Onondaga Environmental Institute. More than twenty government agencies and community organizations participated in the forum, where approximately 130 attendees helped to define interests, visions, challenges, and next steps for the lake watershed. This final report will be useful to decision-makers in preparing for and conducting further community conversations regarding the future of the Onondaga Lake watershed. Download the full report (PDF)


Collaborations Across Boundaries reportCollaboration Across Boundaries: Insights and Tips from Federal Senior Executives (IBM Business of Government, 2012) - Rosemary O’Leary, Professor of Public Administration, and Catherine Gerard, PARCC Director, have published a report based on survey responses from over 300 members of the federal Senior Executive Service. This report provides valuable insights into how federal senior executives view collaboration. Survey respondents clearly recognize that the job of senior executives today involves collaboration within their agency, their department, and the federal government, as well as with key external partners and stakeholders. The report presents valuable insights into why agencies collaborate, the barriers to collaboration, and the skill set needed to be a collaborative manager. Download the report free of charge (PDF). Rosemary O'Leary was interviewed about this study on Federal News Radio on "In Depth with Francis Rose." Listen to the interview.

Practicing Military Anthropology: Beyond Expectations and Traditional Boundaries (Kumarian Press, 2012) - Co-edited by Robert A. Rubinstein, this collection explores the relationship between anthropologists and the United States military, which has commanded attention especially in regard to the controversial Human Terrain System (HTS) that embeds anthropologists in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In this volume, anthropologists who have either worked with the U.S. armed forces or who teach at military service academies reflect on what they do and teach in their military anthropologist personae. Revealed here are thoughtful and moving essays that deal with issues of ethics, morality and professional decorum. Essential reading for those considering anthropology as a career, those concerned about the relationship of the academy to the military and for those seeking to fathom transformations in our lives following 9/11 and the ongoing “war against terror.”


System Research and Behavioral Science Special Edition Systems Research and Behavioral Science Special Issue: Collaborative Problem Solving Amid Conflicts. PARCC Director Catherine Gerard and former PARCC Visiting Fellow Ya Li (Professor of Public Administration, Department of Public Management at Beijing Institute of Technology) are two of the co-editors of this volume. In addition to writing the " Opening Editorial for the Special Issue," they co-wrote " Learning from Conflict Resolution: An Opportunity to Systems Thinking" with Zhichang Zhu (University of Hull Business School). Louis Kriesberg also wrote an article for this volume, " Mediation in Conflict Systems."   


Globalization and Third World Women bookGlobalization and Third World Women- Exploitation, Coping, and Resistance 

Adopting the notion of “third world” as a political and geographical category, this volume analyzes marginalized women’s experiences of globalization. It unravels the intersections of race, culture, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and class that have shaped the position of these women in the global political economy, as well as their cultural and national history. In addition to a thematically structured and highly informative investigation, the authors offer an exploration of policy implications, which are commonly neglected in mainstream literature. The result is an invaluable volume for scholars in the fields of sociology and women’s studies, social policy experts, and professionals working within non-governmental organizations. Edited by Ligaya Lindio-McGovern is professor of sociology at Indiana University. She is the author of Globalization, Labor Export and Resistance: A Study of Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers in Global Cities. and Isidor Walliman is a visiting research professor at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University. He is the coeditor of On the Edge of Scarcity: Environment, Resources, Population, Sustainability, and Conflict.   


Climate Change and Threatened Communities:  Vulnerability, Capacity, and Action (Practical Action Publishing, 2012) - Climate Change and Threatened Communities book Co-edited by A. Peter Castro, Associate Professor of Anthropology and PARCC Faculty Associate. Global climate change disproportionately affects rural people and indigenous groups, but their rights, knowledge, and interests concerning it are generally unacknowledged. Shifts in precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, and other climatic patterns alter their livelihood pursuits and cultural landscapes, accentuating their existing social and economic marginalization. This book argues that planners and researchers of climate change mitigation and adaptation must take into account the knowledge and capacity of rural people, and engage them as active participants in the design and governance of interventions, not as a matter of courtesy, but because it is their right. Furthermore, inclusion of local communities in genuine partnership will likely make climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts more effective. The volume presents 15 case studies and a variety of approaches to document the capacities and constraints to be encountered among communities facing changing climates in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, South Africa, Sudan, United States, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.  


A Manager's Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation report"A Manager's Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation"

PARCC Faculty Affiliate and Associate Professor of Public Administration, Tina Nabatchi authored, "A Manager’s Guide to Evaluating Citizen Participation," which was just published by the IBM Center for The Business of Government.  This report provides a practical assessment guide for government program managers so they can assess whether their efforts are making a difference.  The report lays out evaluation steps for both the implementation and management of citizen participation initiatives as well as how to assess the impact of a particular citizen participation initiative.  An appendix provides helpful worksheets, as well.  



Constructive Conflicts: From Escalation to Resolution, 4th edition - Louis Kriesberg, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Maxwell Professor Emeritus of Social Conflict Studies, and founding director of the Program on the Analysis and Resolution of Conflicts and Bruce W. Dayton, Associate Director, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs and Co-Research Director of the International and Inter-State Conflicts Program at Maxwell’s Program for the Advancement of Research on Collaboration and Conflicts (PARCC) have published the fourth edition of this comprehensive and highly regarded book, which provides a framework for analyzing diverse social conflicts. 

The Right to Water book The Right to Water: Politics, Governance and Social Struggles (Routledge 2012). Farhana Sultana, Assistant Professor of Geography, co-edited this volume, which brings together a unique range of academics, policy-makers and activists. The book analyzes how struggles for the right to water have attempted to translate moral arguments over access to safe water into workable claims.


Professor of Anthropology and International Relations, Robert A. Rubinstein's co-edited book Dangerous Liaisons: Anthropologist and the National Security State, has been published by SAR Press.  In the context of heightened efforts of government agencies to marshal anthropological assistance in understanding terrorists' motivations, stabilizing nascent wartime governments and counter insurgencies, Dangerous Liaisons brings together an international group of distinguished scholars to explore relationships among military and intelligence agencies, the work of individual anthropologists and anthropology as a discipline.

Rosemary O’Leary and Lisa Blomgren Bingham, A Manager’s Guide To Resolving Conflicts In Collaborative Networks. Click here for a copy of this document in English [pdf]

Rosemary O’Leary 和 Lisa Blomgren Bingham 著-  协作网络中的冲突解决: 管理者指南 点击这里下载中文版  [pdf]   

Conflict Transformation Book

Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: Moving From Violence to Sustainable PeaceEdited by PARCC associates, Bruce Dayton and Louis Kriesberg, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding examines the causes of escalation and de-escalation in intrastate conflicts.
To read more click here.  


Reflections Teaching Peace Book Publication Co-Sponsored by PARCC Teaching Peace: On the Frontlines of Non-Violence
was published by New City Publishers which is supported by The Writing Program, Syracuse University and  The University Writing Program, Temple University as part of the Reflections Series. Click here to read more.

Pushing the Boundaries BookBook Published from PARCC Alumni Conference  
The book is titled Pushing the Boundaries: New Frontiers in Conflict Resolution and Collaboration and is authored by Rachel Fleishman, Catherine Gerard, and Rosemary O'Leary, Editors (Emerald Group Publishing, 2008).
View book information here.


 Syracuse University Press - Peace and Conflict Resolution Series                      
 Series Editor: Robert A. Rubinstein

Latest publications:

The Bernal Story: Mediating Class and Race in a Multicultural Community. By Beth Roy (2014)

Exploring the Power of Nonviolence: Peace, Politics, and Practice. Edited by Randall Amster and Elavie Ndura (2013) 

Globalization, Social Movements, and Peacebuilding. Edited by Jackie Smith and Erneston Verdeja (2013)

A Place We Call Home: Gender, Race, and Justice in Syracuse . By K. Animashaun Ducre (2012)

A Band of Noble Women: Racial Politics in the Women's Peace Movement. By Melinda Plastas (2011) 

Not Just a Soccer Game: Colonialism and Conflict among Palestinians in Israel. By Magid Shihade (2011)

Western Sahara:  War, Nationalism and Conflict Resolution. By Stephen Zunes & Jacob Mundy with a Foreword by George McGovern (2010)

Back Channel Negotiation: Secrecy in the Middle East Peace Process. By Anthony Wanis-St. John (2010)

Human Rights & Conflict Resolution in Context: Colombia, Sierra Leone, & Northern Ireland. Edited by Eileen F. Babbitt & Ellen L. Lutz (2009)

National Minority, Regional Majority- Palestinian ARABS Versus JEWS in Israel. By Yitzhak Reiter (2009)

41 Shots...and Counting- What Amadou Diallo's Story Teaches Us about Policing, Race, and Justice. By Beth Roy (2009)

The Broken Olive Branch- Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Quest for Peace in Cyprus.  Volume One- The Impasse of Ethnonationalism. By Harry Anastasiou (2008)

The Broken Olive Branch- Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, and the Quest for Peace in Cyprus.  Volume Two- Nationalism Versus Europeanization.  By Harry Anastasiou (2008)

Re-Centering Culture and Knowledge in Conflict Resolution Practice  Edited by Mary Adams Trujillo, S. Y. Bowland, Linda James Myers, Phillip M. Richards, and Beth Roy (2008)

The American Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma,  1945-1963. By David Tal (2008)

Conflict and Cooperation Christian-Muslim Relations in Contemporary Egypt  By Peter E. Makari (2007)

Thinking Peaceful Change: Baltic Security Policies and Security Community Building By Frank Moller (2006)

PARCC Visiting Research Professor Isidor Wallimann is the editor of Social Policy According to the Polluter Pays Principle: Examples of Application in the Field of Addiction, Obesity, Abuse of Medicine, Unemployment, Prostitution. Published in German, the book is based on his previous (theoretical) publication exploring the potential for applying the polluter-pays principle to social policy and problem management.  The application in social policy is strongly influenced by the tradition to apply the polluter-pays principle in environmental policy.  Wallimann was also recently interviewed on the commercial role of applied research and its relationship to "pure" research by


1. The Coming Age of Scarcity : Preventing Mass Death and Genocide in the Twenty-first Century

2. Genocide and the Modern Age: Etiology and Case Studies of Mass Death

3. Radical Perspectives on the Rise of Fascism in Germany, 1919-1945

4. Towards the Holocaust: the social and economic collapse of the Weimar Republic

5. Estrangement: Marx's Conception of Human Nature and the Division of Labor

6. Das Zeitalter der Knappheit – Ressourcen, Konflikte, Lebenschancen

7. Sozialpolitik Anders Denken. Das Verursacherprinzip – von der Umweltpolitischen zur sozialpolitischen Anwendung

8. Sozialpolitik nach Verursacherprinzip : Beispiele der Anwendung aus Arbeit, Gesundheit, Sucht, Schule und Wohnen

9. Armut : der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein : Wege zur soziokulturellen Existenzsicherung

10. Weg von der Armut durch soziokulturelle Integration : Bei Sozialhilfeabhängigkeit, Alter und Behinderung

11. Entmündigung und Emanzipation durch die Soziale Arbeit : Individuelle und strukturelle Aspekte

 Book Chapters

2009 The Evolution of Conflict Resolution
by Louis Kriesberg in The Sage Handbook of Conflict Resolution.  Sage Publications. 

 2007  The Conflict Resolution Field: Origins, Growth, and Differentiation
by Louis Kriesberg in Peacemaking in International Conflict Methods & Techniques.  United States Institute of Peace.

2007  External Contributions to Post-mass-crime Rehabilitation
by Louis Kriesberg in After Mass Crime: Rebuilding States and Communities.  United Nations University Press.

2007  Contemporary Conflict Resolution Applications
by Louis Kriesberg in Unleashing the Dogs of War, Conflict Management in a World Divided.

2006 Rubinstein, R. A., Approaching Racism: Attitudes, Actions, and Social Structure, In Racism in Metropolitan Areas, Rik Pinxten and Ellen Preckler, editors. London: Berghahn Press, Pp. 93-100.