'Cuse Spot

2015-2016 E-Board Application

Reach the Spot beyond the Hill - A Spot to share  

Sponsored by the Public Affairs Program of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and the City of Syracuse Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs.  

The Wilson Park Community Center  

    The Public Affairs Program has had a long and productive relationship with the Wilson Park Community Center, one of seven community centers maintained by the City of Syracuse Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs. The key to the success of this collaboration has been the availability of talented and dedicated undergraduates from Syracuse University who are interested in reaching out "beyond the Hill." In the past, SU undergraduate students have established interactive learning programs designed to promote a hands-on experience for Syracuse City youth. Former programs include: cheerleading, mentoring, Shooting for A's (a basketball learn-and-win program recognized nationally by JC Penney), and computer training.  

'Cuse Spot Initiative 

    Our goal is to establish an undergraduate student-run program that offers a variety of special interest programs for Syracuse City elementary and middle school youth.  'Cuse Spot is an initiative to offer a wider variety of experiences for youth based on special talents and interests of SU undergraduates.  We are encouraging SU students to design after-school programs based on the unique talents and skills they possess.  The Spring 2013 semester, for example, offered programs in fashion drawing, computer training, photography, beginners French and Korean, cooking, and more!  SU undergraduate students will be responsible for designing, delivering, and evaluating their programs as well as recruiting and training other undergraduates to volunteer in the program. Current programs offered at Wilson Park include after-school tutoring and homework sessions, the computer center, and an environmental education course. If needed, each undergraduate will receive a budget to cover the cost of any supplies required to teach these skills. These programs can be offered during either the Spring 2015 semester and/or a four day February vacation session. 

Spring 2015 Semester

    We plan to offer programs from February 2nd  to April 5th during the Spring 2015 semester.  Individual programs will run Monday to Thursday from 3:00- 6:00pm; program day(s)/times will be determined and flexible based upon your schedule.  A program can last the full semester or a specified number of weeks. 

February Vacation  

    Syracuse City School District has the week of February 16th off in honor of President's Day and Mid-Winter Recess. We are offering several 'Cuse Spot programs beginning Tuesday, February 17th. From 11am to 4pm each day, our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and educational environment for the students to spend their time while they are out of school. 

    As a separate component from the semester programs, we are looking for SU undergraduate students to run two hour programs throughout the week.  This is an excellent opportunity for SU students to "reach the Spot beyond the Hill" for a shorter amount of time.  Last February vacation, more than 50 children and more than 30 SU/SUNY ESF volunteers attended the program and we would like to get even more people involved this year!

    Request for Proposal (Application)

Future Goals  

    After solidifying an initial 10 to 15 programs, we plan to explore the feasibility of a more comprehensive set of 20 to 30 programs that emphasize other areas of interest. Eventually, we will need to increase the available classroom space for the programs through the building of a new facility to accommodate the expansive goals of 'Cuse Spot and the anticipated increase in the number of youth attending Wilson Park programs. 

If you have any questions, please contact Haley Kulakowski at hekulako@syr.edu or Kelsey May at kmay01@syr.edu.