Honors for Policy Studies

The Honor's Section of PST 101: Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy

The Honors section requires you to attend and complete the work for PST101 and participate in a 55-minute section once a week.  During this section, students complete a short teach research project for a university client, practice Dale Carnegie principles and has discussions with experts who speak in the lecture and Professor Coplin.

Honor's Capstone Project

Option 1:

Professor Austin Zwick will serve as your Honors Thesis Advisor. You are required to find another professor to serve as a reader. In your Senior Year, you are required to take “PST410.9 Advanced Policy Research” in the fall semester (Policy Studies requirement) and Honors 499 (Honors requirement) in the spring semester. The first course is intended for you to write the bulk of your thesis overseen by Prof. Zwick while the second course is intended for you to independently finish your thesis prior to graduation.

Option 2:

Find a professor OUTSIDE of Policy Studies and have them serve as your Honors Thesis Advisor. Professor Austin Zwick will serve as a reader. Please have your advisor email Prof. Zwick at least 2 semesters prior to graduation with information about your chosen topic and current progress. You are required to take Honors 499 (Honors requirement) in one of the last two semesters and fulfill any other requirements determined by your advisor.