Whether you are looking for a major, a minor, or preparation for internships, jobs, and volunteer experiences, the Policy Studies Program provides opportunities to gain skills employers want.

Skills are the key to getting jobs and internships in any field. These universal skills are presented in the book 10 Things Employers Want You To Learn in College written by the Policy Studies Program director, Bill Coplin, and available for free on the SkillsWin Database.

The Policy Studies Program provides the opportunity to develop the 10 skill sets both within and outside of courses, whether you take a major, minor or neither. For proof, read the testimonials, which have more than 70 alums who attribute their success to the Policy Studies Program.

To learn more about the importance of skills and how to gain them, start with PST 101 if possible. This will help you decide which options offered by the program you want to pursue. PST 101 is the introductory course to the major or minor, requiring community service and problem-solving on a policy area of your interest. It also fulfills the critical reflection and social science requirements in the liberal arts core.

Whether you are a major, minor or neither, the Policy Studies Program can give you opportunities to improve the 10 skill sets. This can be done through hands-on coursework and other experiences. The options below are available to all students, regardless of major.

Guide to Finding Internships Online - a guide that provides general tips and information on how to find online internships.

Skills Through Experience PAF Courses – 3 courses designed to improve skills and give credit for jobs and internships, open to all undergraduates

Recommended Courses – Courses offered within and outside of the Policy Studies Program that are skills-based and hands-on, open to all undergraduates.

Skillswin Database – A website containing educational materials on the 10 skill sets so you can improve the skills on your own.


Evidence of skills and experience in both your resume and interview are key to getting that sought after internship or job. By taking advantage of all that the Policy Studies Program has to offer, you are setting yourself up to succeed.