Off-Campus Programs

Every Policy Studies major should spend a semester away from Syracuse University. Some have spent two or three semesters away. The semesters away should not be in your senior or freshman years.

New York City High School Semester

The New York City High School for Leadership and Public Service, called Leadership for short, is a theme-based high school in which students are committed to making the world a better place to live. The development of Leadership was a joint effort by the NYC Board of Education and SU's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. Michelle Walker supervises these internships in which you can work as a staff member. Under this unique program, you can develop valuable career skills while helping urban youth, and earn 15 credits for doing so (9 of which satisfy major requirements). This will also be an opportunity for you to explore the "Big Apple" and meet a lot of caring and successful SU alumni. You get extra financial aid to cover your room and some transportation. The key element of the internship is teaching PST 101 to seniors at the high school. A B or better in PST 101 is a requirement for this internship. 

In collaboration with the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, the High School for Leadership and Public Service (HSLAPS) was established as one of thirty small high schools in New York City in 1993. The school houses approximately 600 students in grades 9-12 and graduated its first class in June 1997.

Interns work in the High School tutoring students, assisting teachers, implementing extra-curricular activities, managing and maintaining the PIG course which focuses on a smaller version of PST 101, and arranging public service opportunities for HSLAPS upper-classmen. The Syracuse University interns also take 15 credit hours of instruction while in New York City. The interns receive six experience credits for the actual internship (PST 470); 3 credits in School Administration Policies (PST 400.1) which is taught by Mrs. Helen Cohen, former principal at HSLAPS and now the liaison between the interns and administrators; 3 credits in Urban Education Issues (PST 400.2) which is a course that examines urban education in NYC and is taught by Dr. Lonnie Morrison, SU adjunct Professor and Director of Admissions for the Metro area; and 3 credits in Community Problem Solving (PST 416) which is taught through correspondence by Professor William D. Coplin, who also serves as the Director of the internship program and Director of the Policy Studies Program at Syracuse University.

Interested applicants should complete and return the application to Michelle Walker.  For more information, contact Ms. Walker at 443-4683 or stop by 102 Maxwell.

SU Abroad Programs

The best choice is Hong Kong, a former British colony now under the rule of China. Every student who has taken this program has become a strong advocate for it. The advantage of Hong Kong over the others is that you will be learning something different than a majority of students who go abroad and that will create opportunities for better job interviews and a more appealing resume.

The London SU Abroad program is frequently used by Policy Studies students. In the program, you can get internship experience and take coursework directly applicable to the major. You can expect up to 6 of your 15 credits to apply to the major.

In addition to the SU Hong Kong and London programs, there are semester program centers in Strasbourg, France; Florence, Italy; Madrid, Spain; and Santiago, Chile. You usually can complete one or two courses for the major at any location.

Please contact Michelle Walker to verify that your course selections while abroad will count towards your topical specialization, if you so choose.

For more information, contact the SU Abroad office at 443-3472 or stop by 119 106 Walnut Place, or visit online at

Maxwell-Washington International Relations Semester

Although the International Relations Program runs this program, it could just as easily be called the Policy Studies semester. This 15-credit program is comprised of four courses and an internship, all offered by Maxwell faculty in Washington, D.C.; at least 9 of the 15 hours satisfy the Policy Studies major requirements. You will take these courses:

         IRP 401 and 402: Global Policy Seminar

         IRP 403: Global Issues

         IRP 404: Instructional Political Economy Issues

         IRP 471: Global Internship

This valuable program gives you the opportunity to shadow and assist the bureaucrats, interest group representatives, and politicians of Washington. For further information, pick up a copy of the brochure in the Policy Studies Program and contact the program's field placement coordinator, Nell Silva, in 225 Eggers or 443-5339 or visit

Assembly Intern Program in Albany

This program offers you the opportunity to work full time in the New York State legislature. During each legislative session, from January through May, students work for assigned legislators and take courses on New York state politics, taught in Albany by college faculty. As a participant, you will receive some payment for your work and earn 15 credits, 9 of which can apply to the major. The application deadline is usually in early October. You get a $4,000+ stipend to cover extra costs. See Professor Coplin for more details or visit online at