Policy Studies Consulting

Over the past 40 years, the Policy Studies Program has helped hundreds of nonprofits and government organizations in Onondaga County and throughout the world with research and service projects. PST Consulting was established in January 2013 as a consulting "company" headed by the Director of the Policy Studies Program, Bill Coplin, and managed by both the Policy Studies Program staff and undergraduate students. PST Consulting is designed to enhance real world experiences for students and to provide valuable services needed by nonprofit and government agencies. It has been a powerful form of community engagement.

Some services we provide include, but are not limited to:  

  • Grant Preparation - trained students write grants for nonprofit organizations
  • Database design - students help develop databases in Microsoft Excel
  • Benchmarking - see Community Benchmarks
  • Computer Squad - provides technical computer assistance to nonprofit organizations
  • Design, conduct and analyze surveys - Students are available to design, conduct and analyze email, web, mail and phone surveys to help your organization with the time-consuming task of survey research.  Students can also produce comprehensive reports on the data.  Offered by the Community Link Program.
  • Tutoring, educational programs and administrative services - students are assigned between 5 and 90 hours to provide services requested by organizations.  

We have worked with the following clients on a variety of projects including:

  • Syracuse City Government - conducted a survey of minority businesses.
  • Make a Wish Foundation - conducted a survey of volunteers and produced reports to better understand volunteer satisfaction.
  • United Way of Central New York - analyzed survey results regarding local community need.      
  • Town of Manlius Police Department  - conducted a web-based survey regarding citizen satisfaction with the police department.
  • Home Headquarters, Inc. - analyzed data on the effects of the Home of Mortgage Disclosure Act.
  • American Cancer Society - produced a report analyzing participant satisfaction with the Patient Navigation (PN) Program.
  • National Kidney Foundation of Central New York - analyzed patient's risk factors for kidney disease based on the Kidney Early Evaluation Program.
  • Onondaga County Division of Management and Budget - conducted and produced a report on the cost of car repairs..
  • Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs  - analyzed and conducted participant satisfaction surveys with neighborhood skateboard parks.

How to apply or Get More Information:

Email Professor Bill Coplin to ask questions or set up a phone appointment at wdcoplin@syr.edu.

If you are looking for a volunteer or an intern, please email Michelle Walker at mawalker@syr.edu or call (315) 443-4683.